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Progeny Press- TOS Review

"Study guides for literature from a Christian perspective.
 Sometimes, learning and fun are the same thing!"

Progeny Press has been a leader in literature guides in the homeschooling community for years. Owned by Christian publishers Michael and Rebecca Gilleland, Progeny Press offers guides for over 100 classic and popular works of literature, written by the Gillelands, homeschoolers, college professors and more! Our family had the opportunity to review two study guides: 
Both guides were formatted in similar fashion. There is info about the Study Guide's Author, a Table of Contents that includes a Synopsis of the Story, pre-reading Activities,  a By-the-Chapter Guide to the book, Essays and Writing Assignments, Additional Resources and an Answer Key. You can easily make this an entire unit study program, a simple literature guide or a complete writing program. There is lots to work with here, making it a great homeschool resource! 

In addition, the guide is done on the computer, so there are not tons of pages to print off- the kids simply write their responses on- the computer; saving time and printing expenses. Another great reason for the kids to practice their key-boarding skills! 

High School:
(Recommended for Grades 8-12)
Price for this guide is $21.99

Cub has wanted to read the Hunger Games for a couple of years. Feeche and I read them when they first came out, but frankly, I think dystopian lit is best saved for older teens, firmly established in their faith system, with a clear hope and belief in redemption. So, when the opportunity to use the study guide came up, Cub jumped at the chance, because he knew he'd have to wait a couple more years to read it otherwise. He is a solid reader and a committed Christian, but still, disturbing themes are disturbing themes and our goal is to protect the wholesomeness of our youth. That being said, because this was Progeny Press, I was willing to trust that a dystopian book, with disturbing themes would be treated in a manner that pointed towards redemption and purpose. I was not disappointed. 

The Guide was decidedly Christian in its outlook, causing Cub to do it with Bible in hand. The guide drew parallels between situations in the Bible vs. Panem. and showed the dichotomies between Panem and a Godly system. Cub completed this study in 2 weeks, getting up in the morning and starting it on his own every day. He was eager to get to the meat, to understand the details and to push ahead.  

He was bitterly disappointed to discover that it did not end well. He declared himself anti-dystopian  and chided me for letting him read the entire series.It was a hard lesson, but a gentle enough one, thanks to the excellent guide by Progeny Press. 

In addition, this book and study  guide really got Cub interested in Archery, and he spent many happy hours in the barnyard,  bending and shooting arrows and living the good life. 

Middle School:
(Recommended for Grades 5-8)
Price for this guide is $18.99

Anne of Green Gables

Flower read Anne of Green Gables and did this guide. I haven't read this book for decades, and oh, I love Montgomery's ability to craft with words. This guide was so fun to do this with my youngest. Fun times, sharing amazing words, a story the speaks about love and loyalty and the kindred-ness of those who share a love of beauty and wonder and home. This is one of those classics that aren't to be missed. The Progeny Press guide allows you to delve deeply into the book and enjoy the details. 

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