Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat

Look what grew up out of a back yard drama camp started 14 years ago by a pioneering homeschool family:
Bright lights, baby!

Song, dance, choreography, acting. 

Which is acting like you're not acting, right?!
Some of these kids have been performing together since they were in Kindergarten. 
Over 25 kids in the cast, props, costumes, bright lights, a month of working on the songs 
then a week of working on blocking and choreography.
Then a final week of rehearsal- 30 hours rehearsal, not including the choral portion.

Parents and paid persons including the Producer, Stage Manager - 
this beautiful Mother/ Daughter Tem
 choreography, choral trainer and musicians, props, talented seamstresses and great Moms who planned and coordinated pot-lucks and cast party. 
It was good. 
Incredibly, fantastically, amazingly good. 
70 minutes of profound fun. 
Cub played Jacob. He was great! 
And Jacob played Joseph. And he was great!

Performed at the local college theater, complete with headsets, quality lighting, staff and bells and whistles. 
And the joy lives on. Our kids have been singing the songs non-stop since the performance. 

After a week break, they have all (mostly) re-convened up north for Shakespeare Camp. 
Midsummer's Night Dream, coming right up! 

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