Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Midsummer's Night Dream

It's time for my annual Shakespeare Camp post. That's 'cause it happens every year, like clock-work. It's 6 days of 6 hour practices, with a picnic and 1-2 hour performance on the 6th day. That's with the kids having their lines memorized before camp starts.It's good, clean, exhausting fun. 

Shakespeare Camp- this is the 4th summer I've posted about it, though it's the 6th year in existence.
Brought to you by these two intrepid homeschooling souls who make it happen every year, Ana and Caitilin. They pick the play, assign the parts, collect the money, set the dates, make the costumes, direct the kids, feed a ton of people, re-group, adapt and overcome coming and going and teach our kids co-operation, literature, performance, Shakespeare and so much more.

So far my kids have participated in MacBeth, The Tempest, King Lear and now Midsummer's Night Dream. This was the first play the group did 6 years ago, and it's still as fun and fanciful as ever.
This is Cub's second year performing with the Enak Bardarians, and he asked to play the role of Puck. While he might be young, he's seen lots of stage time, between Tantara and Drama camp; not to mention that, as a 14 year old male, he gets the mischievous aspects of the character oh to well (see above photo).
He got the part. And he did, really, get the part. He owned it on-stage,
 replacing his usual clumping with deft and assured Elvin fluidity.

Last year and the year before, the kids survived 6 days of 6 hour practices battling intense heat.
This year is was storms, lightening, tornado's and floods. A local church took them in and they practiced in the basement, safe and dry.
Cub stayed up north with friends for the week and had a blast, coming and going. He did sleep quit a bit on Sunday and went to bed of his own accord pretty early for several night in a row afterwards.
 It's exhausting being mischievous all the time! 

The costuming is always fantastic, created by Ana and Jannell and other Moms who set up sewing central right there at the park, complete with sewing machines and ironing boards. This year's big costuming win was "The Wall." It had a "chink"- great staging! 
And, of course, Lords and Ladies aplenty! 
'Cause it's Shakespeare, meaning lots of royalty, intrigue and quotable lines.

We had a really young cast this year as most of the seasoned group has graduated.
 Still, these kids memorize their lines, got the blocking down perfectly and rocked the stage.

Add in a few characters that couldn't decide character would best suit them...
Talent and beauty, coming and going! 

The annual pre-performance picnic. 

It's a huge group effort, with every part being important and they do it right, year after year. 

And one more of my gorgeous boy, who was funny, witty, winsome and charming. 

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

He was reeeaaalllyyy good! I couldn't imagine the play without him! And thank you so much about all of the compliments, it's really a pleasure every year!