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Go Science DVD's -TOS Review

We recently had the opportunity to review Go Science DVDs from Library and Educational Services.
Library and Educational Services is a wholesale distributor and offers high quality materials for extremely affordable prices. We've purchased material from them in the past and have never been disappointed with the service or materials.

I'm a stick with quality kind of girl, so I was confident that whatever we reviewed from the Library and Educational Services would be high quality. I was not disappointed. 

The Go Science DVDs are organized by subject matter.  We reviewed the Chemistry DVD and the Engineering, Design and Flight DVD's. These DVD's are organized in short segments of 3-6 minutes each, with each segment highlighting a science experiment. The total length of each DVD is just under 60 minutes.

Ben Roy is the host and narrator. Mr. Roy teaches Science at the University of Tennessee, is the former director of Channel 9 Science News, has produced science lessons for the Weather Channel, and a Christian Satellite Broadcasting Network. Ben Roy is passionate about science and it shows! 

Volume 6: Chemistry

Mr. Roy hosts a medium size group of kids in each segment, and always introduces a few as his helpers. He is extremely personable. Then he either teaches the kids how to do an experiment or challenges them to one. He talks to the kids throughout the segment- there is lots of enthusiam on the part of Mr. Roy and the kids in the video! The kids build or create something, and then Mr. Roy talks about what happened, drawing Biblical parellels between the experiment and Biblical Truth. Each segment with this: 

"The more you learn about science, the more you learn about the Creator...God!" 

Be still my little science and God loving heart. He doesn't preach, he doesn't stretch science, he doesn't introduce weak doctrine. He just shows the kids the coolest scientific experiments (how to build a pump with a straw, dowel rod and duct tape) and, with a HUGE smile on his face, exclaims, 
"Isn't that interesting? I think that's interesting!" 

Volume 7: Engineering, Design, Flight

Yessiree, Bob. I DO think that's interesting. He has the kids walk on eggs, balance 7 nails on the head of one and many, many more, fascinating and very interesting experiments. The suggested age range is for ages 6-10. I think if you have science or experiment lovers in your home, these would certainly be applicable through 8th grade. Perfect for the under 3rd grade crowd who are curious about everything, but often need lots of enthusiasm to keep their interest. These videos are extremely well done, with bright colors, excellent sound, and like I said before, fantastic science experiments. 

My kids thought they were a bit old for the videos themselves, in terms of the interaction between Mr. Roy and the kids but both (ages 11 and 14) thought the experiments were fantastic. For older kids these are definitely supplemental, as there is not detailed information about the how and why of things. While the Biblical parellels Mr. Roy draws are interesting, my kids wanted that time filled with more scientific explanation and depth. Mr. Roy whets the scientific appetite, but we wanted him to feed it as well! 

These videos would be a great addition to any elementary aged science curriculum, for use in co-op or for kids of all ages who love science and experiments!

Go Science DVDs  have a list price of $14.95, but Library and Educational Services offers them for $8.97 each!

You can find Library and Educational Services on Facebook.

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