Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kayaking Field Trip!

We have a terrific Outdoor Campus in our fair city. They run classes all year long on everything from Outdoor Cooking, Skiing, Geo caching, Archery, and more. When I am on top of it I try to schedule one or two classes each season. This last week we and and 30+ other adventurous souls took to the water, in the midst of a gentle summer rain. Thankfully, it stayed gentle as forecasts were threatening lightening and more flooding! Most of the kids, homeschool grads and even parents took to the Kayaks, though there were a few canoers in the bunch and we had only one spill! Brett is an excellent sport and went right back out on the water, and even rescued a stranded canoe, after being towed to shore.
After a quick 15 minutes of safety and instruction, we were ready to hit the water! Cub paddled for the entire hour and 15 minutes, declaring that he'd earned his P.E. credits for the week when he was done. The kids were soaked from the rain AND from being low to the water, tired from paddling and happy to be together. 
Canoeing, then to the park, and then friends for the afternoon. A great way to end the week!

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