Sunday, June 1, 2014

Of Dishwashers and Drama

Our new-ish dishwasher has had issues for over 2 years, making it not so new-ish anymore. It washes but won't drain. It hasn't drained. It continues to not drain. The repairmen keep blaming us for not rinsing our dishes. Um, excuse me? Seriously. So, last week they came out. It worked. We ran it. It no work. We called them back.  They returned. They scratched their head. New motor ordered.

And then the car died. This is the 3rd one this spring; damaged unto death. Which made for an interesting skype discussion during staff meeting, which I was late too due to being on the phone with my favorite roadside assist company. Somehow "car died" was mis-translated  "to kid died." Oy vey.
So, the car- are down to 1, not counting our 22 year old faithful 'burb with no brakes. Looking for a reliable used car is a job unto itself.  And, of course, it might be the busiest month of the summer. Car rentals called, schedules re-arranged and our carefully crafted who goes where when is now even more interesting. It's all good. First world problems and all that.

School consisted of drama camp practice, hanging out with friends, some Latin, tons of reading, more friends. Flower's new MO for whatever story she is interested in is to read the book, listen to the audio version, rent the movie; in as shortest time as possible. In between movie versions of books of interest she watches Fiddler on the Roof and listens to Jim Weiss books on tape. Perplexors are still her favorites school subject. Latin's not bad either, but she's realizing just how related Latin is to deductive reasoning.

I am reading 10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Esolen.If you need an apologetic for Memory work, check out his introduction. Pitiful Fox news interview of Esolen.  Just proved the point that you can be penny wise and pound foolish, all at the very same time.

Cub read The Last Christian this week, Flower read more Narnia and Anne of Green Gables (spelled with an "e"), and then, of course, watched the DVD- which is totally charming, Feeche listened to Western Civ on CD and Dr. Dh. is reading Return of the Kosher Pig.

We've had rain. Which is great because it was a slow snow year. But we are still in drought, already. Oy vey. And the kittens have decided that my poor little remaining Hosta's, the few out of the tens I had, that survived the killer drought of 2 years ago, are wild beasts that need killed. Everything I plant seems to have a natural predator around here, while the thistles, wormwood and dandelions grow unfettered. Proof that natural selection is a false-hood; right there, baby

Speaking of which, we found a nest of mice- 7 to be exact. Since our Momma cat went missing, we took it upon ourselves to teach the kittens how to hunt- 6 kittens to 7 mice. 1 kitten went for them, got a mouse and carried it around for a very long time. Not eating the mouse, but growling at any other cat that threatened their prize. We put one cat right in front of a little mouse that we had trapped. The mouse jumped. The kitten jumped and ran away. We did it again. The mouse jumped. The kitten jumped and cried. Only 3 kittens ended up with mice. The rest ran away- both mice and kittens. And yes, we have lots of bunnies frolicking in our yard, too. Natural selection must be in cohoots with Purina Kitten chow.

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