Friday, November 15, 2013

Reading, Watching, Listening

School this week was guided by my high tech list on a sheet of paper.
Still loving IXL and Vocabulary/Spelling City, Prescripts and Learn Math Fast.
The kids also started memorizing VP Bible cards. 5 times through a day.
Perplexors, Logic Links, Biology, Economics
We threw in some drawing, reading, Story of the World CD's, hanging outside with the kittens ('cause it's back to gorgeous fall weather)  and tons of reading.
Story of the World CD's - MUST HAVE's for anyone who wants to really know history.
I've been a reviewing fool:
Massive Give Aways: Book Basket and Audio Library
Click above and Sign-up!! These are both chock full of terrific things to read and listen to!!
Reading, of course, it's what we do:
Saving Leonardo,
Roman Mysteries,
Weeding out the Wheat.
Trying to keep my blood pressure under control, despite the news.
Common Core architect and College Board President David Coleman recently joined a public forum to discuss “the next America.” Uh-huh.
Want to know more? Check this out - a beautiful response to Common Core by a youngster.
The Dishwasher is fixed. Two service calls in a week, 5 total. It's finally draining.
Happy, happy dance. We've dug out from under the dishes.
We are reveling to the sound of the water draining as the washer runs.
Swish, Woosh, Woohoo!1
Feed your inner nerd.

Watched 42 this week. A beautiful and powerful film about baseball great Jackie Robinson.
So many wonderful faith and life applications. He was a true blue hero.

I've heard mixed reviews about Enders Game. Have you seen it? Whatdya' think?
Waiting for The Book Thief; that I might actually have to go to the theater's for..

What have you been reading, watching, listening to?

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dawn said...

What age for 42? I have a baseball loving 7 year olsd and Branch Rickey coached at our town's university.

LaughingLioness said...

My 10 yo loved it. There's obviously a LOT Of race issues invovled and my 10 yo and 13 yo are still trying to wrap their brains around WHY. It's very clean, other than the degrading racial comments, but they are put into context of not o.k.
Very cool about Branch Rickey! He's a real hero in this movie ; )

Cara said...

I've only heard good reviews of Ender's Game, but that doesn't mean much because...I don't think it means much. :)

Yay for the dishwasher!

Tonia L said...

Haven't seen Ender's Game - will probably wait til it's on video. I haven't read the Book Thief - is it good?

Oh, am I with you on the dishwasher issue! Our water heater died a few weeks ago and we were without hot water for a week. That was rough.