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Revolution Prep's GPA Protection Program- Review

Revolution Prep

We recently had the opportunity to review Revolution Prep's GPA Protection Program.. Add this to my A list of cutting edge tools for the homeschooling family. Revolution Prep pairs the power of technology with the effectiveness of individualized tutoring to deliver world class academics at an affordable price.
You can't get much better than that.

If you choose a non-standardized route for educating your children, at some point during their academic career, you will encounter subjects who rigor out weighs your skill. When that happens you have a few options: ignore it or hire out. Both come with their own set of problems; hiring out is an expensive proposition from both a time and money point of view.

Revolution Prep addresses the time and money issue with their GPA Protection Program.
You will schedule an inital consultation to determine your goal and availability. Feeche ( age 19)scheduled the initial consultation and determined his goals, which center on mastering pre-Calc, and ramping up the math test portion on the ACT.
Pick your subject
 Once you have your goals clearly defined, which can include working on more than one subject area, (history, math, science, etc)  you choose a Tutor and a time.
Work with an expert tutor
The site lists the Tutors and their availability by subject area. You choose the tutoring sessions that work with your schedule. This has been invaluable to us, as Feeche has used this program. His goals are clear but he is also working two jobs and doing volunteer work. His time is at a premium, his schedule varying by the day and yet he always found tutoring times that worked for him, including evenings, week-ends and early mornings.

And if you miss a tutoring session? The tutor will call and follow up. Love that. Not only does this put the responsibility of the class on the student but it's awesome customer service. On the flip side of that, when Feeche had technical difficulties logging on to his session, he went from one long phone hold to another. However, when the tutor always followed up saying something like, "I see you had tech difficulties logging on to the session. Let's do a follow-up session." Again, great customer service, it's personal, it's invovled and it let's the student know that the accountability flows both ways.

The bottom line is that for only $99 a month, your student has unlimited access (meaning several times a week if you want- you just have to complete the scheduled tutoring session before you can do another one, but you can schedule them day after day) to Tutors who are ace-the-test experts themselves, with the sole goal of getting your kids to the place of never failing a test again. How super cool, and affordable, is that?
Raise your grades, pass your AP
Revolution Prep utilizes an integrated platform with several teaching tools, a whiteboard, the ability to share and upload applications and documents  that create an on-line learning environment that is individualized and dynamic; interacting with a real person, getting homework assigned, receiving feed-back, and more! In addition, you choose the tutor you want, hand-picking by personality, education, experience or expertise. Revolution Prep tutors specialize in: Test Prep, Math, English & Language Arts, Science, Foreign Language, and History and Social Studies.

 Globalization puts students on a whole new playing field. The academic work ethic of other countries is also cause for concern. Revolution Prep allows you to level the global playing field. Do you want to "fill the gaps" that traditional education will inevitably leave, never fail a test again, revolutionize your ACT/SAT scores? Do you want your test scores to reflect your goals, instead of your limitations? If so, Revolution Prep is for you. While I am a firm believer that there is far more to education, academics and life than test scores, having the right scores garners scholarship money, opportunities and resources.

Revolution Prep pairs the power of technology with the effectiveness of 1:1 tutoring environment to deliver a fantastic, individualized, cost-effective academic and test prep tutoring to anyone world wide with access to a computer. The site is straightforward and easy to navigate.
With GPA Protection, students get the best of everything –
• Personalized instruction
• Internet-ready convenience
• A low $99 rate that makes the package accessible to everybody.

Feeche is catching the vision. The Tutoring Sessions have been easy to schedule, rewarding because he is moving forward in a subject that he couldn't make head-way with on his own, and exciting because he is no longer limited to local resources with inflexible schedules. Having the right tutor can take you painlessly to the next level. Revolution Prep's GPA Protection provides the right tutor and works with the student to point them in the right direction.

Revolution Prep has an awesome customer satisfaction guarantee. In other words, this is a risk free way to improve your academic survival. It's a fantastic program, delivered with professional and technological aplomb. It fills a huge need in the homeschooling community in a way that is unobtrusive and affordable. I unreservedly endorse Revolution Prep and GPA Protection.

Thank-you, Educents, for the opportunity to review this fantastic product!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through Educents in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed were my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

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