Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where's the Regularly Scheduled Programming?

Hello Loyal, Old, New and Just Plain Curious Golden Grasses Readers,

You may have noticed a change in posting around GG lately. Gone are my transparent ramblings, scintillating critiques of old, new and odd Books, pictures of This Old House, and whatever else I happen to dish up. Instead my posts have been a bit limited to Wordless Wednesdays (stop by tomorrow- I hope you'll love it), Weekly Reports (which I hope offer fantastic resources, great reads and a laugh or two) and Curriculum Reviews (which we are having a blast doing- did you see the 2 this week?).  I thought perhaps an explanation was in order.

We've just gone through (as in, I hope we're on the tail end of it) another challenging life situation. As a result, we are looking at making some major changes. It's time for a new season. We're not totally done with this season yet, but we all feel like a new one is just around the corner, and it's time to get ready. So, we are looking at possibly putting the house on the market. As much as we love it (and we do- true love, baby), we are getting older (read, tired-er faster, sore-er quicker), the house is getting emptier (the largest finished living area we've ever had, with the fewest people living in it). All of that to say, we still have to complete a couple of major projects around here to get it market-ready.

Secondly, we'll be graduating our 3rd homeschool student at the end of this month (ACK! Where did March go?!), leaving us two teenager-ishs still to educate and raise. Feeche (above, isn't he gorgeous?) is making plans for post-graduation, and as a result, our home-life will be changing significantly, soon. (read, our efficient, skilled and right hand man won't be as available to do house re-build projects. I guess I'll have to get reality based and quite saying, "Feeche and I can get that done this week-end!)
Lastly, I am prepping to take the national licensing exam in Marriage and Family Therapy. I graduated a little over a year before the house fire, but for family reasons, didn't get licensed at that point. Since the fire we've been a bit consumed with other things. It just seems to make sense to go for licensure at this point. Because of that, my energies have been focused on homeschooling, normal household management (cooking, due to the aforementioned life challenge has taken on a life of its own) studying, and that's about it.

I'll still be posting but for a month or two (at which point I will take the exam, and hopefully, pass it!), it will be a bit different - I'll still post regular Curriculum Reviews, Weekly Reports and Wordless Wednesdays as long as my phone camera and my creativity keep working. I hope you understand and stick with me. I love writing, love blogging and love the fact that folks like you read what I write, leave comments and think alongside me.

Again, thanks for reading this blog, your wonderful comments, and sharing a bit of my world.



Susan said...

You are worth sticking with. ;)

Congratulations and prayers for your happenings and future changes.

Sheryl said...

Putting a house on the market while studying for exams - quite the combination. I admire your ambition.

Sending you lots of virtual energy. It sounds as if you will need it.

LaughingLioness said...

Thanks Susan and Sheryl! Your comments made my day : )

LaughingLioness said...

Thanks Susan and Sheryl! Your comments made my day : )