Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rhetoric Skills and the Bard

TimelineTuesday: 4/23/1616, William Shakespeare dies. To honor his life, imitate him by making a will in which you leave your "second best bed" to your spouse. Your spouse will then be inspired to re-enact the marital strangling from the end of "Othello." (from our friends at Peace Hill Press- they are as funny as they are brilliant!)

We like Shakespeare around here. We've been reading and studying it for years. It's really come alive for our kids because of the amazing Shakespeare Camp for homeshcool high schoolers we participate in each year: The Tempest, and MacBeth and this year I hear another King will be involved.

I've written more about a list of Bardology resource here. What's so great about Shakespeare? It makes history come alive. Yesterday, during our Famous Men of the Middle Ages reading, we had a great discussion about the Henry's, which can get confusing because there were enough of them, who did what, and Henry the IV and Vth were all totally gotten because they'd read the plays. And performing the plays takes it to the next level because it means they have internalized the language and the flow of the vocab and the meaning. They get it.  Love that.


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Amy Maze said...

I remember reading about your Shakespeare adventures before. I recently saw that my city does a Shakespeare in the park type thing as well. I look forward to letting my children participate when they get older (assuming the play choice is good and my children have some sort of acting interest.)