Saturday, April 27, 2013


Is winter gone?
photo via Ruth!
Mrs. Thompson (of Sense and Sensibility fame) advises keeping remarks pleasant or about the weather. When you live in the Territories, those don't always go hand in hand. In 2 weeks, we've had tree cracking ice-storms, a blizzard and now 70+ degrees. Yesterday was glorious- warm, sunny and bare-foot worthy. A bit surreal as there was still snow on the ground, but we'll take it after the 3rd snowiest April on record.

A long week with another physical challenge that changed my plans. I'm on "off your feet" status for another week or two and throwing back the aspirin to ward off the pain, nausea and headaches. It's finally nice out and I'm on chair rest (sniffle, sniff, sniffity). I would like some cheese (sharp) with my whine (red and dry).

Cub finished Grid Perplexors D, Apologia's General Science and Famous Men of the Middle Ages. We've started Famous Men of Modern Times and Flower has listened to almost the entire Story of the World 1-4 in the past 2 months She also did an American History unit in co-op. She loves history. Which I love. But, seriously, try reading a chapter of history outloud to these yokels. We stop every 3rd sentence to add in related and interesting fun facts to know and tell.
Latina Christina is cruising along, they are all doing RS German and we've thrown Spanish into the mix. It's been fun, really. Adventus, Math, grammar, science and all of the rest of the regulars.
Co-op ended yesterday with the traditional concert. We love co-op but are glad it's over for the spring.

I tortured the kids by making them watch "Gone with the Wind." My offer was the 4 hour movie or the 1000+ page book. Yes, the southern histrionics were plentiful and painful, but the analogies are rich and we had a great time discussing the whole thing. Flower has been galvinized by the idea of slavery in America since watching The Help. It's interesting to watch her wrestle with the issue. I'm not sure GWTW actually alleviated any of her questions, but it gave a broader context to the time period.

Dr.Dh has been a trim cutting, affixing fool, but you'll have to come back and see pictures of it cause it deserves a post to itself. It is very precise work and he is doing the work of a craftsman. Lucky me to be married to someone smart and exceptionally handy with tools. And mostly funny (he's a punner, what can I say?) . He made such a GREAT joke this week I was still laughing the next day.
I am reading the Secret Life of an Unlikely Convert by Rosario Butterfield. It is beautiful and compelling. Come back later for a full review. Yes, I'm still studying; drowning in postmodernism is more like it, which is apropos given Rosario's book. . Here is a YouTube, an interview of her. If you love words, you'll love her writing. If you love a compelling story, this is a must read.
Have you seen the new Memoria Press catalog (sign up here)? It is an entire issue dedicated to an apologetic for grammar study; really fantastic. If you don't see the need for formal grammar study, this issue will convince you of the worth of it.

How was your week ?


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Cant wait for the Secret Thoughts review. Sooo good. Hope you get back on feet soon!

LaughingLioness said...

Yokels is what they are ; )
Dawn- you would LOVE this book!!

dawn said...

Lisa - I did love it! I'm mobile or I'd link it. And here I thought it was my review that rec'd it to you ... LOL

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Great minds, that's us, right Dawn? ; )!
I'm off to read your review- I've been so missing the 52 books thread....