Sunday, April 14, 2013

Study Induced Ramble....

Dr. Dh has been a trim cutting fool. Our upstairs is going from nekked to clothed and it's a beautiful transformation. All long boards are cut, many of the door frames, window frames and quarter round....It is demanding and exacting work. 1/16 of an inch off and it looks home-made, unprofessional and doesn't fit. Me? I can put about anything together. Cut wood straight? Enough mostly, but consistently, not so much.
Definitely a case of making your pathology (in this case a bit of OCD) work for you. That's probably not so funny to anyone else in the universe but when you have a couple of therapists (or people raised by them) in the same house your jokes tend to run downhill.

I am sick of studying. I want chocolate. I want to read Dorothy Sayers. I think Experiential Therapists are from the dark side. Once I'm licensed I'm writing a paper on it condemning them which I will publish widely. Yes, it's personal.
Chocolate. With caramel. And hot coffee with cream. And a chick flick with a fire place. In the Alps. Nononoo. Somewhere warm... Puerto Rico with iced tea. A tan. Dorothy Sayers poolside.....

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