Sunday, June 5, 2011

Renaissance Festival

A very family friendly Renaissance Festival in our fair city on a beautiful, very warm (finally!) day! Great music, good shows and a fun joust.

 A Riddle Fairy

 Great folk music!

 The great fight between the Spanish Armada and the English.

 Chain Mail is heavy, declares Cub!

A fire juggling, ladder balancing, joke telling acrobat! Complete with goofy jokes and lots of puns.

These men were having way too much fun!


Karen said...

Hey, I've seen that woodland fairy and those jousters look familiar. We love the Renaissance festival here too and are eagerly awaiting it.

Tina said...

Although enjoying seems somehow inappropriate, I am enjoying Half the Church. THANK YOU. It may be combining 2 things I've known all along: after my teaching degree concludes (#1 thing, I need my degree) and my kids are out the door, I'm very likely heading to another continent (#2 I may have been born to be a missionary). It would be my Honor to serve women worldwide. We shall see in time...but thanks for the right now.