Monday, June 20, 2011

Mud Works & Crepe Filling

I am happy to share that, even though an entire 9 months have zipped past since my last mudding escapade, I have not lost the touch. Neither have KB and Feeche. As our Father's Day present to Rockin' Viking Man we made him unbelievably great crepes, topped with fresh organic strawberry syrup, a lunch that featured lettuce and cilantro from the garden and for dinner strawberry smoothies.

Along with feeding the man the kids and I re-started tapping and mudding the closets on the 2nd floor (we had a house fire a year ago last October- you can catch up all about it under the "Tear Down to Build Up" posts) (and yes, my bed is still in the living room in case you are wondering). We got a good groove going and kept at it today.We took out the totally useless partition in the new double closet in the master bedroom, adding an extra 4" of closet space and providing some new 2 x 4's for my evil Ana White site plans. Laugh all you want- in a house this old, every extra centimeter of closet space is coveted.

partition in, modeled by the lovely KB
Then we mudded, and mudded and mudded some more- 1 1/2 five gallon buckets worth of mud. We are filling in depressions left from when we added drywall to plaster areas for new plumbing and to add another gargantuan closet in one of the bedrooms and areas that were totally rebuilt due to fire damage. It's a great feeling to be working on building up again. 

partition out, modeled by the lovely Flower
 Viking Man is happy. Happy 'cause he's teaching an on-line intensive college course this month and his schedule is cooking his grits 'cause along with umpteen papers to grad each week as well as daily on-line interaction, he still has his day job. And while he's working, we're working. I think it's a German thang, which I can totally get behind. I am, after all, more German than him ; ). We did have to consult with the good Doctor several times cause the 2 x 4's were nailed in like they were there for the duration. We ended up sawing them out. Thank goodness my older kids lurve power tools and my notsolittles are happy to be on stand-by to run and fetch.
All of that to say- train your children to work hard when they're young. You'll have a work crew you can be proud of.  And if your man loves good food, make him this; he'll be a happy!

Unbelievably great crepe filling
1 8 oz. pkg creme cheese softened
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c. sour cream

Mix first 4 ingredients and whisk well. Cook over double burner for 10 minutes, stirring well. When cooled slightly, whisk in sour cream. Fill pre-made crepes (we get our recipe from All Top with:

Crushed strawberries, heated and sweetened slightly with honey.


Lillian said...

Geez I seriously need your energy...send some my way please? And that recipe sounds absolutely delicious!

Angie said...

Very impressive. Gardening, and cooking, and mudding, oh my.