Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer School

I love summer. All things summer. The heat, the smells, the schedule, the feel. Last night we had ourselves a fire in the fire pit, staying up late to chat. The river is still really high and the kids are taking beucoup walks and hanging outside, soaking up the heat that finally arrived.

This morning we were out of the house early 'cause it's
 Flower is a tree.
Cub is a Charlie Chaplinesque type character. His part consists of no lines, just physical performance. We watched a couple of Charlie Chaplin YouTubes. It is LOL funny (either that or I am so easily entertained it's just not funny).
Feeche is a clown type...just playing himself.

Had a great time of fellowship at the park between the time the notsolittles and Feeche were done practicing. Lots of laughs with very cool women, gorgeous babies to coo at and cuddle, and fun friends for the kids.

I also started on refinished my Great Aunt Carrie's cherry buffet. It turned color from the thousands of gallons of water that hit it during the fire. It was kinda in the way, between some of the axed out windows and the fire. Some of the veneer was damaged and  parts of the molding went missing. I'm sanding, priming and painting this week. Going for a Pottery Barn look, which I am certain will disguise the flaws and showcase the beautiful piece of furniture that it still is. Feeche is helping by removing hardware, which was rusted on. Cub is helping by keeping me company. I promised to watch Star Wars with him (that's love, baby) so we are watching together while I sand. KB is assisting by planting the forgotten and pitiful plants that we re-discovered on the front porch and driving Flower's friend home. Lots of support.

We are also going to continue to smooth out the lumpy yard area that remains from the new drain field dig. 

This week will be about drama camp, projects and fellowship. A full week. A fun week. What does summer look like at your house this week?


5ennie said...

Sounds like a fun week! We are still finishing our school year & one kiddo is playing baseball. But SOON we'll start lazy summer days ;-)
Here from the Hop!

Victoria said...

Summer has truly arrived in our neck of the woods via 90-degree temps! We spent a wonderful day at a local spray park yesterday and we're all looking a bit more sun-kissed! Going to a parade tomorrow night - truly a summer event! Many days and evenings left and looking forward to each of them. :)