Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break

Good Friday.
A time of sober reflection, remembrance, wonder at our own ability to remain true in dire circumstances.
My friend Ana shares this excerpt (Nocturn II, Breviarium Romanum (1962),He was hungry for their salvation, and said : Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Seder meal. Lovely and meaningful.
Walked to the river and through our  fields Wednesday, taking pictures and praying. The day  warmer and sunny and the birds singing a spring symphony. It was just the boys and I at home and the day felt uncluttered and lazy. Our road is flooded and the banks eroded, the water rushing past. I walked, and rejoiced in walking, my leg bending the way it's supposed to and felt free and happy and carefree, snapping pictures of the barn and wild asparagus and beaver felled trees.

Wrote words and more words. Check out my regular Saturday Special at HSV.  I'll also have an article at  Heart of the Matter On Line. I'm a monthly contributor and my article, "Train Up Your Child Spiritually" will be posted on the 28th.

Made grapevine wreaths from the varmint pruned branches. What do you think? I am going to hang them on our old 8-paned windows as a wall deco.  And I scored a medicine cabinet at the REStore that is square and chunky and black with a beautiful mirror for the off the kitchen bathroom. It will give me great joy to get all of our toiletries off the counter! Spray painted candlesticks that were rugged, rusted metal and turned them into cool, sleek, black elegance.

Rivendall Sanctuary. It costs an arm and 2 legs, but it looks like a blast.

Re-did my blog links. Check it out on the right hand side bar. If I left you off, lmk! I have great plans to link up my book reviews, too. Time, though, it fleets and flies.
Did little school even though we are just 1 lesson away from completion in several areas. The kids read alot, both enthralled with thier grade level of "What Your Child Needs to Know", played oustide, helped me clean and cook. We listened to music and partied. Guess I'll count this week as spring break. Thanks for the cookies, Mae, and the laughs this week. Flower wants to know why we can't all just live together!

Baked Bread, Portuguese sweet bread, braided and ready for feasting on.
Planned 2 brunches and a cook-out, an egg hunt and baskets. Found some delightful devotional books for the notsolittles baskets and Bonhoffer for the Man Cub. We'll be decorating eggs this afternoon, cooking and baking some more. Flower's favorite desert (thanks to Thanksgiving at Uncle Dean & Brenda's) is banana cream pie. So simple and perfect. A pink Hyacinth for the centerpiece and the smell makes us giddy with the longing for spring!

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Gifts for Girls Academy said...

Wonderful! It sounds like you had a busy but very peaceful week.

Deanna said...

I don't know which I am more envious of: the Portuguese sweet bread or the Bonhoeffer books. : )
Have a blessed Easter.