Monday, April 11, 2011

1/2 the Church Winner!

1/2 the Church is coming your way. Email me with your snail mail addy, k?

(Tina rocks. Read about her full and bustling life here.
And, seriously, a name was chosen at random!!)

Thanks to everyone who joined in my first book give away. I have a second one planned, in conjunction with an author interview, so stay tuned.

While we're on the subject of friends, I'd like to take this opportunity to say,

If you read this blog.


I'd heart you if I were younger!

The blog has morphed a bit over the past couple of years as I've been challenged by life,
learned about blogging and widgets and buttons and badges,
but the vision of it is still the same:

To chronicle our lives as we craft the extraordinary from the ordinary.
To cast a vision that compels others to do the same.
To express gratitude for the simple, wonderful life that we've been gifted with.
(and, hey, in all honesty, to brag about my Man and our little Tribe of people).

Knowing that YOU are reading makes me HAPPY;
Happy, happy, happy! 
Your comments make my DAY.
I appreciate YOU!

Love, Lisa

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