Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of Love More Deep

Easter Even
Christina Rossetti

The tempest over and gone, the calm begun, 
Lo, “it is finished” and the Strong Man sleeps: 
All stars keep vigil watching for the sun, 
The moon her vigil keeps.

A garden full of silence and of dew 
Beside a virgin cave and entrance stone: 
Surely a garden full of Angels too, 
Wondering, on watch, alone.

They who cry “Holy, Holy, Holy,” still 
Veiling their faces round God's Throne above, 
May well keep vigil on this heavenly hill 
And cry their cry of love,

Adoring God in His new mystery 
Of Love more deep than hell, more strong than death; 
Until the day break and the shadows flee, 
The Shaking and the Breath.

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Cari said...

Hi, I "found" you from the comment you left on "The Homeschool Village". I love your profile pict., your laughing smile makes me smile. Thank you for this post. I look forward to "following" you as you are so much further down this homeschooling, parenting, marriage road.