Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hospitality in our Home

With the brief exception of a 15 month stint during a military assignment, my husband, kids and I have always lived hundreds of miles, and hours away, from extended family.So, we've refined the fine art of being hospitable towards each other; and inviting others who don't have family close by. Our African brother and a couple of empty nesters will come over later for dinner and  croquet.  We've tried to create meaningful holidays with our kids; days that are celebratory and full of fun!
Hospitality offered to the others in our home.  

 Easter baskets are full of food for the soul. And lots of chocolate : )

 Cub loved the devotional book and the Klutz astronomy kit KB picked out for him!

A mid-morning walk to the river that borders our property, enjoying the beauty of the day after an exceptionally long and cold winter, the birds singing, the sun warm; spring beauty!

Coloring Eggs!

 The Hunt!
Symbols and traditions that nourish the soul,

and the body.

On the menu this evening:
brats and hot dogs,
fresh grilled asparagus
deviled eggs
potato salad
cole slaw
banana cream pie.

Wish you were here to enjoy it with us!
Praying that you had a blessed day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!

What are your favorite holiday celebrations?


Redradtech said...

You are so good at these things. We have no real traditions. We always went to Dallas for holidays then my mil passed away and it just hasn't been the same. Now I work most holidays. We live near family,but Tori is allergic to dogs and cats so we can never go as they all have animals and she is "epi pen" allergic.

Hen Jen said...

sounds lovely; the company, the fun, the symbolism and the food!