Sunday, August 1, 2010

Water Logged

Our 10 acres is bordered by a river and we generally love it. The river, which boasts tons of wildlife, is normally 2 pastures away from the house. This week-end it was kissing the drive-way with the first field south of the house under water with currents coursing through!

We've never had more than a handful of water in the basement before but 2 days ago, after another storm that dropped 4 more inches of water, we heard the sewage pump working non-stop and discovered inches worth of water sloshing downstairs. The sewage lift and the sump pump were lifting and pumping their little hearts out but it made no difference. We went out and got a 2nd pump, along with 80,000 other people from our fair city, and spent the day pumping out 7500 gallons of water an hour! The land is saturated with water coming and going and there was no where else for it to go but in, it's seeping through the walls. The saving grace is that, Praise God, we didn't dry-wall down to the floor, so the new walls are still beautiful.

The notsolittles and I went wading on the road (which was submerged) and enjoyed minnows swimming along with us, sand and mud squishing between our toes and the treat of watching a river otter playing in the middle of the rushing water.

Our evil plan of setting up shop in the basement is nixed and we are setting up semi- permanent residence in the living room while we do some closet and bathroom finishing on the 2nd floor and wait for the floor to be sanded.

As usual, it's always (10 or more) something(s).

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Tina said...

Oh, mercy. I guess this brings new light to, "when it rains, it pours," huh?

Nice to know you kept in good spirits and at least enjoyed the minnows.