Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Global Achievement Gap

The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner addresses a list of skills needed (according to Wagner) by today's teens to survive in the global market. I'm not done enough to give a good review yet but was intrigued by Wagner's list of 7 Survival Skills for Teen Today:

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence
  3. Agility and Adaptability
  4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
  5. Effective Oral and Written Communication
  6. Accessing and Analyzing Information
  7. Curiosity and Imagination

Do you agree with this list?
If so, how are you doing and what are you doing to teach your students these skills?
What would you add or subtract from this list?
Based on this list, would there be classesor curriclum that you would add to your program?
What would your own list look like?
Any other thoughts?

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