Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Jen at Conversion Diaries, who hosts "Quick Takes" had a great post a couple of days ago on Being Tired. Jen is pregnant once again and I think this will make her 5th baby in about as many years. The post is about how tiring and taxing her life consumed by littles is but with the knowledge that she is living sacrament ally and fulfilling that which she is called to do. Which reminds me of post over at Down To Earth by Rhonda Jean on "Making your Life Your Job." (my computer is uber slow right now so hop on over and check out her blog on ""Preparing for the future by relying on the Past" and hopefully you'll find it yourself). Had a similar discussion this week with friends over how God's desire for us is rarely about our being comfortable and 'at ease."
The evil bushes that I purchased 6 years ago, falsely marked as "Bridal Wreath Spirea" may just end up hacked to bits because 1) I have never liked them just for the fact they are NOT what I wanted and I didn't find that out till a year later when they bloomed, 2) they are insidious. Runners, runners everywhere. I spend more time cutting and pulling runners out of the rest of the beds than about anything else 3) spent blooms look dirty and ugly.
The river bordering our property is going down as is the river flowing through the basement. Alleluia. It's no longer at the driveway and actually below the river banks, along with lots of washed up tree trunks. As the basement has our only working shower right now we've spent the first week back home sloshing through water to get clean. Kind of oxymoronic.
Because of all the rains we are confronted daily by Guido and his fang fighting army of killer mosquitos this year. Going out without bug-spray is dangerous. Going out with bug-spray is no guarantee that the hungry buggers won't try to eat you alive anyway.
Our crop of 3 little kittens this year is adorable. We've named them Oreo, Butterscotch and Moose Tracks, though the last name is hotly debated by Cub and Flower. It's supposed to be after the last ice-cream flavor we purchased but Flower insists it was Turtle Tracks (do they even make that flavor?). Anyway, they are cuteness itself.
Feeling a lot like Ma Ingalls these days as the bunks and beds are set up in the living room which is open to the dining room/kitchen. Every morning we wash dishes and sweep the floors and make the beds. Then what did Ma do? Cook prairie chicken I suppose. Let me reassure you that that rarely makes it way to my agenda.
Our veggie garden this year consists of 4 tomato plants which I hope have ripened fruit before it frosts, 2 overly spindly sunflowers that haven't even formed a head yet, one lone basil plant and 5 gone-to-seed parsley plants. The strawberries went to town and continue to run everywhere. The raspberry bushes were sacrificed for the egress window and the big win is the grapes. Drank some of the juice from last year yesterday (cause we just found the canned goods again) and it is delish. Beautiful to look and, too. I'm contenting myself wtih plans for next years veggie patch.

Seven Quick Takes is a blog carnival run by Jen of Conversion Diary

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