Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Bouquet

Today is my birthday and I don't mind. My friend Marilyn says that folks that say they are 29 and holding, or 39 and holding, bug her. She is 49 (almost) and holding her grandbaby and proud of it. I love that.
So, I'm 48 and holding...but not in the traditional sense.

I'm still holding my own kids every now and then, even though I have a ton of friends my age holding grandbabies.

And I can usually be found holding garden produce or flowers or a shovel or a rake or a dishtowel or a mudding trowel or a child's hand or a book, or a spatula or a pen and paper in my hand.

And I'm holding my husband, who is strong and wise and funny and hard headed and doesn't know the meaning of a partee, and 5 beautiful people called children and extended family that we see, not nearly enough, and friends from all over the place in my thoughts and memories and heart.

And I'm holding what's to come: visions and dreams and hopes, in my thoughts and my soul.
So, yea, 48 and holding. A bouquet of life. Fragrant and colorful and vibrant and alive.


Anonymous said...

You have just painted a beautiful picture. Now I am seeing God's hand as a vase, and all of us as the flowers, sticking out beautifully, waving at Him during the winds that blow us around. Have a great birthday. Love you, Marilyn

Redradtech said...

Happy Birthday friend. I will be 53 on August 31. My 35th high school reunion is this year. I do have a grand child, precious!!! I have lots to hold on to and lots I'd like to get rid of !!!! heehee