Monday, June 1, 2009

Planting Seeds & Waiting

We watched a terrific movie yesterday, "We Are Marshall." KB said it was a little bit sad at the beggining. Yea. I cried through the first 15 minutes of it and was snifflin through the rest. Besides being a true story, a true tragedy and truly inspiring it is a great analogy about planting seeds. Watering. Waiting.
Don't quote me, as usual, on the details, but the gist of it is that after this horrific tragedy some determined folks try to build something from nothing. They spend a decade losing, but then, something really cool happens. They kick some honey-bun. For about a decade. I don't want to give you too much of the plot because you really should get yerself a box of kleenex, rent the movie and watch it. And, in reality, it is a tragedy. There is no good solution to the conflict. It's one of those stories where you can either crump or keep going, be defeated or continue standing.

I was really struck at the end how this coach just stuck it out. For about a decade. Just kept plugging along, just kept seeing that vision way out there, striving towards it. And eventually, waay down the road, it paid off. His team won, and kept winning. Seeds were planted. Seeds were watered. Seeds were waited upon. And eventually seeds bore fruit. Big, beautiful, abundant fruit.

Now that it's gardening season I'm outside a lot and I've been contemplating how every thing has it's own time; it's own season. The tulips bloom first, then the lilacs and just before they are done, the iris. Pretty soon the peonies will bloom and fill the yard with pink and scent and later on the lillies will be glorious. It is all so ordered and it's all on it's own time. Not mine. I think how often I've wanted to see the fruit of my labor long before I do, but it's just not the time yet. It will be, in due season. And until then, I am called to water, to wait, to persevere and to hope in what's to come.

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