Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wind Words

Old stuff churned up, like salad in a spinner.
Looking back, Lot's wife.
Called to move forward,
press towards the goal, face front.
There's more ahead.
Do you hear the Wind Words, calling to the churches? Calling you?
Like the woman at the well, sun scorched from desert heat and Sodom's fire,
Thirsty, Parched, Wanting more.
Tentatively stepping instead of boldly going forth.
Listening for others, the familiar demands, strong words, dissatisfaction, words of contention, failture.
I defend. Look back. Live in distraction.
Cacophony. Noise.
Like the fire burning wicked towns, God's displeasure.
Distraction cost Lot's wife Life.
Soul cry despite self - "Not me, Lord. Not me."
I am called. Despite the others. Desptite myself.
Called to rest. Walk forward.
To put away old things, ignore other's voices. Ignore my own.
HE calls. He leads. He brings drink that quenches thirst.
Hear Him.
Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.
Drench me in your purpose.
Give me clarity of vision. Humility. Grace.
All that I need you provide.
The Word of the Lord to me today is I Am; He has called. Follow Him. Eyes forward. To what's ahead. His purpose. His plan. His victory.
My life; His.

A blessed Sabbath.

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believer said...

I so needed this!!!! Thank you for sharing it.