Monday, June 29, 2009

Berries and Brassicas

Our plans for an edible landscape are well-under way, though I must say it's taken a few years. We have thriving raspberry bushes, grapes vines, a huge area for strawberries, rhubarbville and mulberry trees. We've planted several other fruit trees but between the rabbits, deer and a few extremely cold winters we haven't had a lot of success in keeping them growing.
Last year we had a great harvest of mulberries and this year is no different. We have tarps set up under the trees to catch windfall but we end up eating so many (mainly it's Cub stuffing his face with them. He's hands and face will be stained bright purple as he claims that he "only ate a few!") as we gather and pick that we haven't brought a whole bunch back to the kitchen. They are sweet and delicious. I'm drying some and am going to make a pie for the company coming tomorrow. I might get adventurous ad try mulberry wine.
In the veggie patch we have broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. They are big and beautiful. I've never successfully grown any of them before so it's been a blast to watch them get bigger and fill out. My big plan for the cabbage is to delve into the world of making sauerkraut. If you've done it before, lmk how it went! All pointers are most welcome!

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