Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear Daughters

Miss R has been in Romania now for a couple of weeks (you can read all about her adventures at her blog- great pictures and commentary KB has been in the Black Hills this past week running around with kids from all over the state at camp. She arrived home yesterday happy as a clam. You can read about her adventures and thoughts at
They are both so different: one petite and gregarious. The other stately and quiet. Both opinionated, articulate, gifted at writing, art and understanding theology, people and doing the right thing. Little Miss. Flower has been very put out having both sisters gone again. She loves her bros but thinks the world of her sisters. Miss R takes her out to eat, to the zoo, snuggles with her and will happily sit down and watch The Aristocats for the 90 zillionth time in a row. KB creates fantastical tea-parties, dresses her up, braids her hair, paints her nails
The juxtaposition of launching "children" into adulthood; excitement at seeing them create wonderful lives for themselves and the desire to have them close and home and here.

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