Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Second After & Related Rant.

I read One Second After this week...a fictionalized account of what could happen in America if we were hit with an EMP. I'm not the scientist in the family so I won't try to explain, better to look it up. It could be a real deal. I finished One Second After and then was invited into the study by Viking Man to watch the "protests" (what little footage there was) in Iran. We went from that to a Beck piece on $1Billion in Treasury bonds being either counterfeited or "lost" (sold, traded, bartered, or whatever other BAD scenario) in Italy and NO WORD 2 weeks out from the administration on it. 1Billion Dollars of U.S. Money that is not accounted for or forged means...well, BAD things for America.

And why the HECK hasn't the media talked about the ding-dang inflation that we are experiencing NOW?? I'm a cash in hand grocery shopper who lives on a gestapo grocery budget. When I am buying 20- 30% LESS food than I was 5 months ago I wonder WHY I am the only one talking about it. Surely I can't be the only one who's noticed? Gas prices have increased by 50 cents a gallon in a matter of weeks. Obamavision isn't doing any of us who value freedom as we've known it a favor.

Sobered. That's the word. Deeply, deeply sobered.
Wars and rumors of wars.
Inflation ramping up.
Media black-outs on what's really happening.
A president who puts off responding to a situation in a county that is clearly unstable. And finally he does. Watching the video of the president addressing the nation of Iran reminded me of a Lion King scene, where Scar addresses the hyenas, promising that a new day has dawned.

And this from the Ayatollah Khomeini: "Our land has always been the seed-bed of true freedom--even before the Prophet came to correct the errors of time. Once again Persia shall lead the world as before. Conquest through Ji’had shall be our deliverance and our glory." Do a little history search on Persia and let me know if freedom Persia style is what you want for your grandchildren.

2 world leaders both stating their case. One uncompromising and frightening. The other willing to compromise everything and equally frightening. Neville Chamberlain politics don't work with people willing to kill in the morning those they've slept with the night before.

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servingHimblind said...

LOL... Mom, I think I'm gonna ground you from media. ;-)
Good post, interesting points, but as Ramona says,
"Taek a deep brith."