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The Book of Ancient Romans Set: Memoria Press TOS Review

Memoria Press is one of my all-time favorite curriculum suppliers! We've used most of the curriculum in their catalog over the last several years, I haven't found anything we don't love, and I give it the highest praise! If you are looking for quality, visually beautiful materials that get the job done, look no further. 

We recently had the opportunity to review 
The Book of the Ancient Romans Set

and, of course, we LOVED it.
We received The Book of the Ancient Romans Set, which includes The book of Ancient Romans, by Dorothy Mills, The Book of the Ancient Romans Student Guide and the The Book of the Ancient Romans Teacher's Guide. 
Part of what I love about Memoria Press guides is that they are all formatted the same. In other words, everything from Christian Studies, Latin and Music to History has the same visual formatting. When I hand my kids a Memoria Press guide, they know exactly what to expect- Memory Work, Vocabulary, Study Questions, Maps, copy work, quotes; all laid out in an orderly, sequential manner- visually clean, easy to manage. 
In addition, the questions in these guides are not rote, fill in the blank type of questions. They are questions designed to get the student thinking, processing, double checking facts and making connections. The kids own the material when they are through with it because they've thought about it, manipulated it, stored it. They understand the material when it's all said and done and remember it, because there are plenty of hooks given on which to hang the information.
Cub is a history buff and just finished reading a 900 page tome on Ancient History. That did not stop him from delving right in to Dorothy Mills book. He's familiar with Mills, from other Memoria Press studies we've done. Mills writing style is easy-going and conversational. It is not difficult to enjoy, even while she is tackling a difficult subject.
We did the study guide together, oratorically. I've done this with my boys for years, with other Memoria Press study guides. They enjoy the interaction, it has lead to some great discussions, I learn a ton, and neither of them love to actually write by hand. We find a comfortable spot together and settle in for some great discussion. The thing I really appreciate about the Teacher's Guides with Memoria Press is that they give you enough information in the answer key that, even though you may not have read the material yourself, you are empowered to have a decent discussion over the material. Of course, there's nothing like reading the source material yourself, but for those of us with too much to do,  it makes it possible for us to really partake in fun, engaging discussions over interesting materials with our kids. If I had to chose just one, of the many reasons why I love Memoria Press, that would be it. 
My kids are doing some CLEP exams, and Memoria Press study guides are part of our strategy for preparing for tests like Western Civilizations. Memoria Press The Book of the Ancient Romans Set would also be wonderful to use in a co-op or class day setting, for adults who want to beef up their understanding of the Ancient World, or for, obviously, the homeschool classroom. 
Memoria Press has set a high standard for others in the classical publishing world. If you are looking for excellent food for thought be sure to sign up for Memoria Press's Classical Teacher, which is one of the most informative Maglogs around, including articles from Memoria Press's founder Leigh Lowe, Logic author, Martin Cothran and many other leaders in the homeschool and classical education world. 
As an interesting side-note, Ms. Lowe has been voted the "Most Admired Woman" in the education category of Today's Woman magazine, June 2014. If you haven't yet discovered all of the great things at Memoria Press, now's the time to do so! You'll be glad you did! 
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