Sunday, June 7, 2015

Drama Week Fun :Drama Week Exhaustion

This week consisted of our annual Drama Camp Practice and Performances. I directed Flowers group, The Bus Stop- a hilarious comedy about kooks on a public bus. 4 days of practice, then evening performance of 4 plays followed by an ice-cream social. The next night the Jr and Sr High Schoolers performed 3 plays on the local college stage. Throw in picnics and friends at the park every afternoon, Volleyball, costume acquisition, work and leaving the house early- we are all a good kind of tired, but super duper tired, nonetheless.
Drama Camp, Work and Reviews- two posted this week, including Piano With Willie and Memoria Press' The Book of Ancients set. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews including more vocabulary, Lee in Virginia and more- always more. Loving the richness of the curriculum world these days!

Also, be sure to check out the introductions to the current blog hop I'll be participating in for the next 7 months- Homeschooling High School. This came into being when those of us on the same Review Team realized that we were getting lots of questions about high school from homeschooling families with younger kids. This hop will cover record keeping, curriculum, extra-curriculars and much more! Spread the word !

We have a week break and then our area Classical Conversations Parent Practicum. We are all very involved and are very busy getting prepared to do our part. I really appreciate the Parent Practicums- they are encouraging, pragmatic, provide clear action steps and do-able implementation of the classical model of education. Good stuff and it's FREE.

We are still working on getting the last bit of brick walk laid. We have had an unusually wet spring and every free day has involved a lot of water. Slowly, slowly, it is coming together. Cub is working on getting the picket fence back up and we continue to take down ancient of days fencing and as a result have unloaded tons of chain link fencing and other miscellaneous stuff hanging out in sheds, the barn and side-yards. Our hay-the-fields-man has sprayed again and wow- our pastures are looking Be-ay-U-ti-ful!

A shout-out to my fellow blogger and friend, Jennifer. I needed a "Thank-you" gift for relatives with super gorgeous thick hair. Lila Rose to the rescue. Jennifer helped me long-distance, suggested gorgeous pins,barrettes and clips and made sure that we received a bonus as well! If you haven't discovered Lila Rose yet, check out Jennifer's  Lila Rose page!

Read Chuck Blacks' book; this week from the Wars of the Realm series on the recommendation of Cub- my reading buddy (he's a speed reader like me and has great tasted). A bit Frank Peretti-ish, but I loved the viewpoint of Spiritual warfare from an atheists pov. Also, watching more than our fair share of Dick-Van-Dkye- renamed Dyke, Dyke, Dyke in honor of Uncle N. Good, laugh-out-loud fun. Even the obvious jokes and gags are just darn funny- world class delivery by world class funny-people. And it's clean, too- no bathroom humor or crudity. Talent. @Golden Grasses 2008-2013. All photographs, artwork and text are the property of the owner unless otherwise stated. Don't miss a thing! Subscribe to Golden Grasses and get our articles right to your inbox!

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