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Apologia Field Trip Journal- TOS Review

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
We recently had the opportunity to review Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal published by 

Apologia Educational Ministries

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
The Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal is a fun, colorful, scrapbook-y looking spiral bound journal. It is bright and colorful with heavy-duty journal pages and a glossy card stock cover. Inside you will discover the Table of Contents, which are, not surprisingly, all field trip related: 
Preparing for a Field Trip, Field Trip Ideas, Places I've Explored, Field Trip Pages, etc. 

There are maps, grids, blank areas to draw, lined areas to write in and more. Flower completed a page about our recent trip to the East Coast under, 

"Story of My Day"
"We drove for 2 long days/ encountering 2 semi-accidents and almost crashing into one of them. The trees and mountains were nice to see although terrifying since dad was driving fast and furious. When we finally arrived at our hotel, one of the staff members had given our room away."
Something I never want to forgetNever eat seafood (Flower got violently sick after eating seafood. 

Ah, life through the eyes of a child. Dr. Dh and I had a great laugh over her perspective, and who would have known if she hadn't written it down? 

Following the tradition of all great explorers and journalists, from naturalists like Audubon, to beloved authors like Laura Ingalls Wilder, journaling is a time-tested method of recording one's every day experiences. Through them we gain valueable insights and discoveries, even about our own lives. 
If journaling isn't something that comes naturally to you, Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal is a great way to jump start the tradition. If it's something that does comes naturally to you, the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal  makes a lovely, colorful keepsake to record ones travels. These would be fun to do with a co-op, for a child who is a reluctant writer, or one who loves to recorrd data and keep accurate records. For added fun gather together a whole pile of them, give them to everyone in the family and record a special trip or year's worth of field trips together. 

Flower will continue to add to hers as the upcoming months include more travel, camps and even more dissection in the fall! 

Another high quality product from the good folks at Apologia Educational Ministries

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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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