Thursday, April 11, 2013

Supercharged Science- TOS Review

Supercharged Science is another inventive, fantastic tool that will allow you to bring superior education to your homeschool. Supercharged Science is a complete hands-on line science curriculum for the homeschooler. With this program you  now have access to a professional, enthusiastic scientist, Aurora Lipper,  who will explain scientific concepts, walk you through experiments and get you jazzed about Science. I love how Aurora takes into account kids learning styles. There is something for every type of learner here: auditory, kinesthetic and visual!

Why choose Supercharged Science if you already have your science bases covered? We aren't stingy with our science ed. We take a Charlotte Mason approach in eled and then go to quality textbooks in Jr. and Sr. High. We utilize our great Tutoring Center, where we've had the privilege of having some fantastic science teachers, watch videos and have Dr. Dh on the side-lines filling the kids heads with scientific facts and inquiry and  a passion for the NOAA and NASA web- sites. So, why was I thrilled to have the chance to check out this program, even with the great resources we already have available? Because of the excellent experiments, high quality videos, help line and just plain old fun I knew we were going to have actually DOING science!  How many homeschool moms are  going to make a hover craft just because? But if you had a how to video, supply list and help standing near by when something went wrong (or even when something went right, but you didn't know why), you probably would (we're going to!)
The web-site is extremely well-organized and consists of "units." You start with 20 units with more being added as you go. There is even a unit on Statistics and "mathmagic"- perfect for those kids who "get" science but struggle with math, or vice-versa. You can go through each unit sequentially or skip around and find cool things to do; it just really depends on what your goals are. In addition here is a conversion chart (provided by eScience) with popular homeschool science curriculum's that will take you to specific experiments and units in Supercharged Science to maximize the potential of the curriculum that you are already using. This is a GREAT resource for co-ops and University Model Schools!

True Confessions: I am the Mom whose science experiments NEVER work. In  addition I can't explain worth beans why they do or do not work. So, while my kids have had a good, solid scientific education, we really have missed the woot factor. Now we have that too, despite me.
We used the  e-Science program for k-8th and what an amazing resource/tool/product/happy place it is for the homeschooling family!  Don't worry, high schoolers, there is fun for you, too!
The eScience K-8 membership is $37 per month
There is an expanded program for Grades 9-12 for $57 per month.

We started at with Unit Zero, read the lesson, watched the videos, did the experiments. We also randomly picked through experiments that looked like fun, and have big plans for lots MORE science (hover craft, anyone?) once our regularly scheduled programming clears off a bit.
 "Making clouds"
 Experimenting with friction.
The kids also had a blast taking a guided tour of the space station. The videos were excellent throughout!
The vendor has made a free unit for my readers (aren't you glad you are one of them!), click HERE to check it out.
And here is more information on getting a membership with eScience.
P.S. I personally appreciate, as I know many of you will, that the eScience program does not cover creation or evolution so that ALL families can participate in the program.
Content- excellent
Organization - excellent
Presentation - excellent
Supercharged Science is another "A" list homeschool vendor. Make room in your budget for it- it is worth every penny!
Read more terrific reviews by the amazing Crew on this superior product HERE!  

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April said...

We loved it (are still loving it), too!!

Bethany said...

The making clouds experiment looks really neat! I'm making a list of all of the cool ones to try out! There are so many.