Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lasagna Learning

Lasagna Learning is my take off on Lasagna Gardening. Layer upon layer. Take history for example.

We are reading The Famous Men series, outloud, again. In addition, Flower (and sometimes Cub) are listening to The Story of the World, volumes 1-4, again. Along with that we are watching The Last 100 years- last night's snippet on the Armenian holocaust was horrifying, and we usually have some kind of history book going. We are also doing a lap book of sorts on the Great Empires, reading BAR and the Economist and everyone has a book or two going- often historical fiction, that has us checking maps and cross checking people groups with each other. We are 1/2 heartedly memorizing VP cards again- 1/2 heartedly becaue our schedules are pretty full and the kids have it far more clear in their heads than I do in mine - though I can usually give you a 100 year ballpark of many historical events.

We do the same thing with English- diagramming, using FLL or Mary Daly's First Book of Diagrams, grammar and language study with MP Latin resources, along with modern language studies via Rosetta Stone.

Math- Perplexors, text, 1/4 Mile, Lone Star.

Seems like every subject we do, we utilize several resources so that we can hear it, see it, touch it, know that we know it. When you have a choice between 2 good curriculum's instead of asking, "should I use this or this," maybe a better questions might be, "when should I use x and when will I use y?"



Annie Kate said...

Yes, layer upon layer, with a bit of unexpected stuff in between is how we do it, too. Most of the time.

The rest of the time we get out of the garden entirely and chase rabbit trails. :)

Stopping by from Trivium Tuesdays.

Amy Maze said...

How do you keep it all straight? ;) I'm going to be getting my hands on some VP history cards soon and I'm really excited about it! 'Lasagna Learning" ... I like it!

Laura said...

Yes, how *do* you do it all? Do you have it scheduled out, or do you just say, "hey, let's do this today"? I am struggling with the logistics of it all. My kids are ages 2-10 (4 of them), and I am pretty much going crazy, not to mention feeling guilty because it seems like we just don't get much done.

laughinglioness.lisa@gmail.com said...

Laura and Amy- I finally have an answer for your question! Sorry for the delay in responding ; ) check out my post: How to Keep it all Straight.