Friday, January 18, 2013

Head Cold Homeschool

What will the next 28 years of homeschooling bring? -  An interesting article at what's ahead by someone who has homeschooled for a couple of decades already. I agree that the lines between homeschool, public school and "other" are going to continue to grow blurrier.
Go here to see an amazing pic of a 1930 homeschooler. 
Perspective, eh?

My mil sent this link this morning, and we all enjoyed seeing how the U.S. developed- especially as we've just recently finished watching HBO's John Adams.
History Map of the U.S.- a great graphic of how the United States developed.  
The evolution of growth from the 13 colonies up to the present day -- with dates, wars, purchases, etc. all included.
When it opens , don't click on the "go"at the bottom, but rather click on PLAY at the top.
We've had the worst cold ick thang here this week. Between head achy kids and a sore throat myself I spent way too much time perusing blogs: 2 of my favs are Penelope Trunk, who is way too opinionated but a whole lotta fun (stuff like Fix Public School by Homescooling Your Kids) If you want to think harder about educational options for the 21rst century, she'll get you doing it.
And my friend, Lydia, over at LydiaLark, a real homeschool grad, who is also an artist and a Mom. She writes about art, creativity, compost, natural birth, potty training, faith and more. If you want to get your inner artist inspired, go check out some of her gorgeous creations.
Lots of great homeschool reading this week: The Carnival of Homeschooling - Season edition; The How To _____ Blog Cruise - chock full of great "how-to's" from baking pretzels, to making lip balm and everything in between,
Share It Saturday (posting every Saturday right here! Don't forget to stop by this coming week and link-up!), and the Virtual Curriculum Fair.(posting here every Monday this month). And check out my review of W and R CC inspired Orchestra lap -book, complete with give-away here.


School this week consisted of listening to Apologia's Discovering Anatomy and Phys on Mp3, doing some of the experiments (review coming mid-Feb), Sequential Spelling, Saxon math, and listening to our friend Howard Morgan on CD. Howard is a challenging teacher/preacher and Jew from Brooklyn. Think memorable accent and killer sense of humor. You can find out more about his teaching/ministry at Howard Morgan Ministries.

Read Leo Baotou's the Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential. In it, he outlines the 6 principals of productivity:
 1. Set limitations
2. Choose the essential
3. Simplify
4. Focus
5. Create habits
6. Start small
He basically distills GTD down to the bare bones. Good stuff.
How was your week?

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