Friday, October 19, 2012

What We're Watching, Learning, Making, Doing. Et tu?

*What We're Watching*
Footnote Poster
Tried to watch the prez debate on Tuesday but couldn't stream it worth watching. Watched Footnote instead. An interesting family systems movie.  The real worth was the directors interview at the Toronto Film Festival. Fascinating comments on current folklore and traditions in Israel. LOVED the directors story of the inspiration for the film.
Downton Abby Season II is waiting for my at the library. I can scarce belief it 'cause I was #22 on queue 2 weeks ago.

*What We're Learning*
Kids continue to memorize Horatius at the Bridge. Who's he and why do I care? Read this and find out.
Rocking rhyme.

Quiz on Middle East for MP's Geography. Both Flower and Cub came home from TC with 100% on their papers.
Math- Saxon Alg 1/2, MME, Kumon Decimals and Percents, Perplexors.
Latin Copybook- love it.
Famous Men of Greece- just read Odysseus.
Christian Studies IV- 1/3 of the way through Exodus.
WWS- week 29. First paper with footnotes and Reference Page.
Feeche's back in the saddle. Ballroom dancing tonight and a full day tomorrow.
RS German, The Diving Comedy, Poetry Outloud.
 Seems like he's easing back in to Pre-calc and Physics. Imagine that?!

*What We're Making*
Flower is loving (as in it is the absolute highlight of her week loving) her weekly foray in to the world of clay with Miss. Z. Our friend Z is not only a gifted artist with a rocking name (I mean, really, the 2 irl people I've known whose names have started with the letter "Z" have been truly awesome people) but a  lovely person. Flower told me after class that Miss. Z had a "great sense of sarcasm." *snort*. Probably why I love her so much!

The class is at Z's in-home studio which houses a lovely to-die-for kiln (I used to throw pottery years ago and still dig the earthy sights and smells of a pottery studio!), a roller and pots full of incising and cutting tools, a long work table and shelves piled high with works in progress.
Look at those faces- are these happy kids or what?!

And Legos. Feeche came home exhausted from Challenge late on Tuesday evening. He spent the day recuperating from a head cold and lack of sleep by building the day away. You are never too old for Legos. Cub and Flower were only 2 happy to join Big Bro (one of their fav people) by sprawling all over the basement floor with him and building like crazy.

I started a new blog series:
Getting Acquainted Part I- About Me Getting Acquainted Part II- Why Homeschool?
I'll be adding more- loved this idea from Art's Chili Pepper so much I decided to do it too myself!

*What We're Planning*
A Lego League Open House at the library this Saturday. The library said expect 200 people (holy moly!). The team will show a power point they put together, run some of the missions they've programmed, talk about the Core Values of LL and the Yearly Challenge and display exceptional Teamwork.
*What We've Been Doing*
Feeche is back from 2 weeks staff prepping and staffing Challenge.
Courage, Strength, Faith - Winning combo.

*What We're Reading*
Not much. I hit my head- HARD  last Saturday and am finally thinking straight again. Oy vey.
Feeches reading more Redwall to the kiddos; the never ending saga.
 God bless Brian Jaques and his loquacious little hide.
*What We are Gateful For*
Feeche's safe travels, fun trip, great stories.
KB's fun and not over yet vacation in Kentucky and Ohio.  She'll be flying the friendly skies on Saturday.
The walk and retaining wall are DONE (loving it!) and some doors are UP on the 2nd floor!
I have hope of closets and trim! And since our latest purchase was a table saw, it could happen s.o.o.n.
Booyah, baby!

And while the wind was wicked enough to blow out a back window in our van (Yes, you read that right- NOAA described the wind that night as "slightly breezy- um, right), the tramp remained secure thanks to bulldog chaining it to the old metal clothesline.
So, bloggy buddies. What's up with you this week?


Anonymous said...

Love this: "The Diving Comedy": Freudian slip, one wonders or just typo?

Always love seeing what you guys are up to.

Adamant Academy said...

You and your family are always so busy!! What a great week you had and I think everyone should play with clay on a daily basis!

Teaching Stars said...

I was late to the Downton Abbey hysteria but quickly got addicted. I blazed through the first two seasons in a matter of days. SOOO good! I even took it with us on a recent trip to Disney so I could infect my mom with the bug too! She beat my record and watched them all back to back!