Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can't Leave Well enough Alone

This is the brick side-walk we finally finished 2 week-ends ago.

Dr. Dh has been wanting to mess with it since.
(Actually he's had this in mind for about 7 years. Finally got around to it. I keep telling him if he would just manage his time better he could get more done. Brouhaha. Seriously, if he dies first his epitaph will read, "I didn't get as much done as I wanted to.").

We'll be re-doing the middle garden bed in the spring (the one in the lower right of picture with the garden edging all torn up- we had to move it to dig the side-walk and wanted to cover yet another cistern 'cause the grass will not grow over it)..It will still there but re-configured.
 It defines a great little outside space for our front yard fire pit. In non-drought years you can find us outside on most spring/summer/fall evenings, going back and forth from the swimming pool, garden, roasting S'moes ("they're S'Mores, Buzz") and pushing cats off of our laps.

A small retaining wall for the front garden bed.
(please disregard dead stuff. Lots of trees, shrubs and perennials were dessicated by the drought).
LOVE it.
There's a small area between the side-walk and the wall that we've transplanted mini-carnations in to. When not in bloom it's a interesting grass like plant. See...


Chris Coyle said...

Hello - popping in for the first time via the #TALU. I have to confess to being the same way. I'll start a million different things before circling back to finish one. Then when you get something done, you think man, if I had just done that days/weeks/months ago - I could have been enjoying it all this time. :(

I love your header photo by the way - beautiful!

Adamant Academy said...

I have decided that since you guys like outside work so much you can come over to my house! It looks great and you have a beautiful family


Very, very pretty. :)

Debbie said...

That is really pretty! You guys did a great job. (TALU)