Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before and After Doors and Hinges

Just another never ending project -the 2nd floor doors. We kept the originals, but sanded, stained and polyurethaned them. The hings and screws were brass plated but didn't stand up to tough scrubbing, like the knobs and plates did 'cuase they my friend are the real brass McCoy (see here).

Enter spray paint, baby.
Sticking everything upright in styrofoam was my brilliant idea. Clever, eh?
Dark metallic brown.

We did 2-tone on the doors. A light color on the main area of the door and the dark espresso stain on the detailed trim. The reason for this is that we did not want to spend the rest of our lives sanding detailed trim work. Picky, I know, but we still have the stairs to do. We have burned out 4 sanders already. Including a belt sander. The hardware guy at Sears was duly impressed.

Still a few touch-up spots to do.

And here is the overall effect. The kick boards and wood trim are next.
We bought a table saw last week-end so it's really going to happen...
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Sheryl said...

I actually like the darker accents. Very pretty.

And you are right, picking your battles in remodeling is important. Home repairs have the potential to be never-ending.

Redradtech said...

You have done a great job!!

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

What a wonderfully cost effective way to update. They look great! Love your dark stained doors.