Saturday, September 8, 2012

Things I'll Regret If They Don't Get Done

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Nora Ephron wrote the funny book "I Remember Nothing" just shortly before she died (June of 2012). I like her list of "Things I won't miss" so much, I wrote my own. But this morning I was talking to a friend about the things I want to get done, or rather the things I don't want to leave un-done, before I die. I'm not planning on dying soon, but it's usually inevitable, so I know it's out there.

Here's my incomplete list at 0'dark:30 on a Saturday morning.
1. See this house finished. Complete and picture worthy.
2. Publish the book. See it on a bookshelf. For sale. It is a work in progress. We are making progress. I think it's like gestating. When you are pregnant, you are pregnant forevah. When someone else is pregnant, they give birth minutes after they tell you about the little pink line.
3. Give my kids a happy childhood. Prepare them to be competent adults. Launch them successfully. I have kids making their way through each of the last 3 sentences. I need an 6 letter word to describe parents of many whose challenges outstrip resources. I could settle for non-miserable kids, non-incarcerated adults and kids who don't bounce back. Maybe I dream too big? Large family, stay-at-home- homeschooling Mom, one income. Yep. I'm sure I dream too big. If the water doesn't kill me, my own idealism will.
4. Make it to the end married and with my faith intact. This sounds drastic but admit it; marriage and faith are difficult assignments.  I love my husband and God. Walking out the reality of relationship with people up close and personal cooks my grits.

It's a simple little list. What's yours?

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Redradtech said...

I just want to get through this life sane and have some true peace, both inner and outer in my future.