Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School Wrap-Up

School has started. Tutoring Center on Tuesday, going through everything to get through yesterday. We are all in the various stages of the grief process over the end of summer. Can I just say a big
about the fact that it is ovah?
There, I think I'm better now. My inner WAAAAA is still emitting, but I won't torment you with it.

Feeche walked to the river yesterday, in a bout of school-work induced brain fog, and discovered a very sick deer. Very sick.
Game warden called. Came warden came. Game warden shot the deer.
Part of schooling in the country is an up-close and personal encounter with the Circle of Life.

We found an Awana's program close by and Flower went to her first meeting yesterday. Take-aways: Game time was a blast. No one talked to her. The other kids can't memorize very quickly. The leaders were super nice. The girls her age were hipsters and rude. And she wants to go back.

Flooded by memories of the the older girls in Awanas and homeschooling way back then and  friends in NM.
Time goes so very fast.

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servingHimblind said...

AWWWWWWWW!!!!! That is so exciting Flower is going to Awanas!!! I found an old reward that I had earned from memorizing in Awana. Great memories. Miss you!!!!