Thursday, September 27, 2012


'Cause First Lego League is on our minds!
Need an ultimate unit or STEM study? FLL could be what you are looking for!
School this week.
 Flower is over her frustration with fractions, thanks to a Kumon book. Took a week's break from MME to get the concepts down. Cub is crusing in Saxon Alg 1/2 . Perplexors and Complete a Sketch continue to be the icing on every one's math cake. Feeche is diligently plodding  through pre calc and physics. Thank-you,  Lord, for Sarah! (patient math tutor extraordinaire!).
Xian Studies IV- reading through Genesis together. Love the enthusiasm and the discussions! .

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Ancient Men of Greece- another MP big win. Can't wait for the release of D'Aulaires Greek Myths on CD. Not that we haven't loved the book version into near dog-eared oblivion. I'm saving Amer Hx for Spring semester- we have too much this fall to do it justice.
State and World Geography, along with map work for Ancient Men -- Flower is in Map Heaven.
Writing With Skill- skipped to lesson 27 with the class (1/2 of whom were in the class last spring). We are sort of hitting a groove again. Love the program- so rich and sequential. It continues to test my wimpy grammar muscles.
The Divine Comedy. Total nerd lit love. Feeche and I are basking in Dante's brilliance.

This is the project I dug into (literally) thinking Feeche and I could throw it together in a couple of afternoons. Silly, silly me. The good news is that it's going to be done soon and it is going to rock brick the front yard. The brick we salvaged from an early 1900's building being demolished in town so the brick is actually around the same age as the house. Dr. Dh built the front walk with it about 7 years ago and it has stood up fairly well, with the exception of a couple of bricks that imploded.  Our house, which had no walk-ways when we first moved in, will be resplendent with them soon.

Memory work. We are doing bits here and there, but the main focus this year is poetry. Horatius at  the Bridge for the youngers and POL for Feeche. Flower and Cub are at stanza 7 and freaked this week when they realized there were 70 stanzas in total. Once I scrapped them off the porch ceiling, they went right from Horatius to memorizing FLL Core Values.

50#'s of tomatoes on our counter have been turned into ruby red gastronomical delight!
Reading The Single Shard as part of Ana's World Geo class at Tutoring Center.
One of my fellow Hive bibliophiles sent me Howatches's The Rich are Different (thanks, Diane!) and I still have recommends from sweet Shari. I haven't read much since school started except Made By Hand. Not nearly as compelling as Crunchy Con even though we are die-hard DIYer's.


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dawn said...

Huh. I sent it Monday Media Mail! I'm impressed it got there so quickly - unless there's another person sending you Howatch books;)

Enjoy :)

LaughingLioness said...

CRazy, huh? I can't wait to dig in to it! Thank-you!

Adamant Academy said...

Greek Myths are wonderful! I would adore that book Oh wait I mean the children would like that book!

Faith said...

Love reading your blog! Those dried tomatoes look exquisite!

Karen said...

Thanks for the tip about the Greek Myths. I had no idea it was coming out in audio. Our print copy is pretty old and well-loved too. Sounds like your week was terrific.

Connie, the daisyhead said...

Those reclaimed bricks are amazing!

Sounds like y'all are having fun studying together. I kinda wanna come and stay at your house for a while! ;)

Thanks for linking up to HomeSchool High!

Kristie said...

MAN, every time I read your blog I'm in awe of your writing abilities. Looks like you all are working super hard...BTW, I'm sure you're aware of this but THAT'S A LOT OF TOMATOES. ;)

LaughingLioness said...

Kristie- thank-you!! What a super sweet comment ; )- made my day!

LaughingLioness said...

Ya'll are so sweet! The brick path is 80% done and I am IN LOVE!