Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring; Sort of.

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Doesn't this just sum life up?!

School this week was a grind. Just being honest, ya'll. The weather was warm, then obnoxiously windy, then bitingly cold. We were all fighting a head cold thang and Flower had a sprained wrist. Not to mention coming off of 2 nights of sleeplessness and a 20 hour drive to and from the Windy City. Anyway, we got math done, and writing. Cub and Feeche got most of their homework done on time and that's about it. Nothing inspiring or earth shattering.
One more week to sign up for the Learn Math Fast System Give-Away.  

Here's how.

Gram loaded me down with skeins of yarn and there's more where those came from. She bought out her friend's knit shop back when she closed it in the 20th century. I think all of my pattern books bought it in the fire so if anybody has links to free sock or easy vest patterns, lmk, k?

Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries)
I'm reading Whose Body? It's obviously one of Sayer's earlier Lord Peter Wimsey's- you can tell. She doesn't have his mannerisms or speech patterns quite nailed down. He's too flippant and cavalier, without the subtle, brilliant humor of some of the later books. Wimsey has been reminding me of someone and I finally figured out who it was. Sir Percival Blacney of the Scarlett Pimpernel, most resplendently played by Anthony Andrews.
'The Scarlet Pimpernel'

We heard back from the bank about re-financing and they don't mind so much about the trim and the closets not being finished but they won't approve it without the 2nd floor bathroom being done. We have less than a month to tile the surround. Which sounds like a lot of time if you don't count the pesky day job, the 2nd on-line class that will be starting and my  husband's overly involved taxes. No problem. We love stress and deadlines. It's what we live for. Yeah, we seek it out. It's what we do.
The good news is that the house assessed for a whole lot. A happy thought in the midst of more strident doing.

The visit to my Grandma's was very distressing. I won't bore you with the details- unless you catch me unawares and ask how I am and I'm too distraught to catch myself- then I'll probably unload the whole thing on you. Other than that I won't bore you. Suffice it to say she is getting older by the minute, stubborn and independent, still living at home at 95, the primary care-taker for her 94 yo boyfriend, 4 dogs and 2 cats. Yeah.  

KB, Feeche and I jammed with Todd Agnew and Casting Crowns on the way home. We had an interesting discussion about the reality of Narnia. It's not that we believe in it; much. It's that we believe in the mystical, magical part of a faith in Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit. If you are missing that, you are left with...well, form and not enough substance; religion; legalism; church with no life, dry bones. Even with it, life can be a vacuum, sucking the bejeebees right out of me you.

"To know you is to ache for more than the ordinary,
to know you is to look beyond the temporary,
to know you is believing that you will be enough."

Daily faith walking- life is far more mystical than it appears, what we do see is chronos, not kairos, and God has our back. Check.


Kelly Mine said...

I am convinced that Narnia is the same way that you express here. I once saw the Wardrobe that inspired the story and they had a tag on it that read "Please do not step into the wardrobe." You had better believe I reached into it to the back, through the fur coats that were hanging...just to be sure. I may never recover from that moment.

Teaching Stars said...

I love a good Stargate reference. :)

Michelle said...

There are lots and lots of free sock patterns at and