Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Blustery Day or 2

Great Plains = High Winds.

The wind was so strong that it torqued the frame and blew the tramp to the edge of the yard. Our tall evergreens caught it but we were afraid that the force of the wind against the tramp was going to break the top off of the trees.


Just another spring day 'round here. True confessions: tears were shed by certain mid-sized children when they discovered the tramp in this condition. Everyone here LOVES the trampoline; for jumping,star gazing, picnics, playing (the rim is totally compromised). But, Dad to the rescue, he thinks that the old tramp rim (the mat melted in the fire) is the same size.


Caitilin said...

Lisa, dh suggests this as an upcycling... :

Jannell said...

Ouch!I have had my trampoline since high school, and its frame is made of iron, so no moving it. I can't imagine how many hours of time have been spent on it by kids.