Friday, March 30, 2012

An Ordinary Week

A heat shield protects the second stage of SpaceX's planned fully reusable rocket during its re-entry through Earth's atmosphere.

For fun, my geeky husband gathers his geeky kids around and spends beaucoup time looking at astronomy and weather sites. This weeks AHA! had to do with re-usable rockets. Pretty awesome stuff. Science at our house is a bit unconventional, but effective. Nothing like Dad spending time explaining things in living color and sharing his love of technology with the kids to make science come alive.

School this week consisted of  the regular suspects. Cub is needed help with Latin memory work, so we spent a fair amount of time quizzing him. Greek, same thing.
Both he and Flower are almost done with Book 1of Learn Math Fast. Flower is at that point where she can do long division just fine, with double digits in the divisor and everything, tyvm, but she has forgotten had to multiply with  multiple digits.
We dug Quarter Mile math out today and that is going to be a regular suspect again.
Flower has also started reading on her own, for fun. Julie's Wolf Pack has been her pick this week and she had a lot of fun telling everyone at dinner about the antics of the wolves.
Feeche is working hard to get stuff done before the end of May. As it is he'll be gone for a week in April, and once late may hits, he'll be traveling and going to camps.
WWS is cruising along and my small class is on week #17.

Read Vanishing Acts by Piccolt about a kid kidnapped by her own father.  I did not like this one. Dark and depressing, with decadent and evil jail scenes and again, an ending that left me going, "what...?". I do really like her first person perspective on each character. That is very compelling, despite other issues I have with her writting.

Also reading Silas by Francine Rivers. I went through a serious Rivers phase about a decade ago (she wrote The Mark of the Lion series, as well as The Sin Eater. The Sin Eater was made into a movie, which is also very good). Silas is a book of "encouragement" and it is that. Truly lovely writing about the early church, through the eyes of Silas.

The rhubarb is up and unfurling it's leaves. The asparagus is tentatively making it's way above ground, raspberry leaves are appearing, the strawberries are greening and our 2 flowering trees/bushes are budding. Definitely spring. Spinach and lettuce are coming up, too.

Looking at catalogs and schedules for next year and have started planning. I want to get a couple of good kids magazines. What do you recommend? Have you started planning for school next year? What are your extra-curriculars going to be?

The work on the bathroom is going slow. Dh had to take apart and re-build an area where the sliding shower door will be. Now it needs re-taped, mudded, and the uber expensive shower sealant painted on. Everything takes longer than you think it will.


How was your week?


Susie said...

I don't know about kids magazines, but I am thinking of ordering The Economist, Popular Science, and National Geographic. We'll see...

Gillian said...

I really want to grow asparagus!

We like magazines by Carus Publishing (Cricket, Odyssey, etc.) Generally they are really good.