Friday, January 27, 2012

Literary Living

~Best Quote of the Week~
 Recidite plebes! Gera rem imperialem!
Stand aside, little men! I am here on imperial business.

Speaking of which:

Saw this on FB so not sure where it originated.

It was a week of sick days. Feeche soldiered on with a full schedule of math, A & P, Writing, Pre-Law, etc, along with play practice while Cub, Flower and I spent hours listening to CD's. This week's feature was Mystery of History Middle Ages. We also started Susan Wise Bauer's tome of The History of the Medieval World. We are reading it out-loud. It's hefty, at over 500 pages, so we are taking it one chapter at a time. It's Story of the World on steroids, baby. Feeche is loving it. Flower is too and told me that The Other Side of the Mountain was boring, she wanted to read the Medieval Ages for her bedtime story. One chapter of each.


Watched The Help with the fam. Loved it again. Lots of questions from the younger set regarding just what Hilly's problem was, why Mae Mobly called Abby her "real Momma" and who invented Jim Crow laws.
 First day of my freshman year in public high school in a northern busing town, police and ambulance were called in to break up the fight that got a couple of kids pretty beat up; broken bones beat up. I remember learning about "race riots" the year before, when we were safely ensconced in white suburbia, before our move to a large city. We moved 8 weeks before the end of my 8th grade year and I went from an all white school to one where I was one of 13 white kids in the entire middle school. That was a paradigm shifting year.

Stories from Shakespeare

Cub and Flower re-discovered the Usborne Shakespeare book and have been consuming it this week. Cub's been reading it to Flower, she's been reading it over his shoulder and while he works on Latin, she's been creating scenes from As You Like It on huge pieces of cardboard. It's brought back lots of questions about MacBeth, which they watched Feeche perform in this past summer. Men in kilts, Hivers, were what our boys were, but out of respect for their personage, I defer from posting pictures.

The dishwasher was on the outs this week but we did get the cupboards re-arranged. Started with a leak in the kitchen bathroom. Leaked, made a mess and we cleaned up, really cleaned up as we re-did all 3 bathroom cupboards, plus the kitchen. Not a leak since. While we were doing that, the tracks for 2 drawers came completely off. Loose screws in the kitchen have been a problem since moving in. We've been filling holes with wood filler as we re-attach the runners. And then the back door knob totally blew; won't work at all. As in you can't open the door at all. In addition to knocking back cough and cold meds like we were addicts. What is up with all of that?!
In conclusion. Though it bugs me that stuff is so cheaply made anymore that extended warranties are necessary, I'm glad we had it for the dishwasher. Back to our regularly scheduled sloshing and washing.

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Call me easily amused, but the above is my kinda humor. And you can buy them as magnets. Gotta get me some of these!


Gillian said...

Going to have to check out the Usborne Shakepeare book, and I love the quotes in the bottom pic! Looks like a good week despite illness and leaks!

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Thanks for joining my Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

I love the quote that you started with! I'm going to check out those books, thanks for sharing. I hope you all feel better soon.

Becky said...

I've been eyeing that book of SWB, I think I may get it for a summer read. I hadn't thought to read it to my kiddos, but maybe we'll do it as a read aloud. LOVE the Shakespeare magnets. I need to get some of those!

Karen said...

Hope ya'll are feeling better. I may have to try the SWB book. I think Alexis would love it as a read aloud.

momto8 said...

well, I wish you an uneventful weekend!

Mrs. W said...

Hope you all have a restful weekend after such a busy week!

Little Miss Splendiferous said...

Now that is a great week, and the Extreme Makeover photo cracked me up!

My name is Tiffany said...

I will have to check out SWB book. I am sure your experience changing schools in junior high was difficult. It's always hard to adjust to major change.

MissMOE said...

We need to get us some of those magnets! Shakespeare insults is a sport at our house!

SAHMmy Says said...

Funny links! Did not know about the Medieval SOTW book -- thanks!