Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Late Start

I did notice the New Year rolling around but, have I said before, I'm a muller? I have to have time to mull or I short out (hence, the year long shorting I did during the initial phase of the house re-build - no mulling time, just expensive decision after expensive decision to be made, coupled with a lot of physically hard work and the grief of watching my family dropping dead like flies). But I digress... Here's what I have so far....
2011 Re-cap
Greatest Lesson
Little by Little, One Travels Far (yeah, I knew that already, but this little house project has taken it to a whole new level. I'm hoping my fil reads this and smiles on my behalf!).
Hardest Thing
Patience. The list that has the what I wants and the list that has that what I must, don't always have a conversation. Visual and ordered living space have taken back-seat to getting the house re-paired. Even when we get something done (like the front porch) it is often dual-purposed (like a staging/work area).
Favorite Memory
Time with friends and family throughout the year. Friday afternoon's at Sandy's with the mom's from co-op laughing and sharing, the yearly visit with Mom & Dad N and Miss R's visits. FB mgs's from old friends ; ), Xmas brag letters and pics (love them!)
The 2nd day R was home for Christmas we all met at Sam's to rendezvous (dh had the boys, I had the girls, 2 separate cars, Christmas shoppping). We were all starving and don't love Sam's food ('cept the 12 yo- still digs the pizza), but were hungry enough to eat it anyway. Everyone was full of Christmas secrets and happy R was home and glad to be together. It was sweet.
What I loved most about 2011
Participating in the creation of something beautiful. Learning new skills. Teaching writing classes.

....2012 Pre-cap:
O.k. I've been mulling and sorting and pinteresting through this (Seriously, now. I'm visual, Pinterest is therapeutic helpful).

Reading: 52 books in 52 Weeks (weekly check-ins with the Hive book groupies and over at Robin's at 52 books in 52 weeks. I like Semicolon too (check the side-bar).
Writing Goals: I'm heading over to Robin's (My Two Blessings) for some inspiration. I'm also doing all of the homework that I assign my high school writing class. Beyond spring, I'm not sure. I have 3 books outlined. The one on homeschooling I'd like to get in E-book form by fall.

Moving: I've been walking again (Praise God!) 1-2 miles several times a week. My goal is 4 days walking a week.
More Moving: I'm putting together a list of calisthenics that I can without stressing my knee ( no lunges, lurches, squats or jogging)  or laying on my back (long story, but can't do it). You know, like the lists that go 1 -10 with different exercises that take about 15 minutes a day. Any ideas?
Logging: I'm also going back to writing down everything I eat in a day. And the no chip, chocolate or coffee (oh coffee, can I make it without you? Actually, I'm not sure I'm going cold turkey on coffee 'till Lent) rule is going back in to effect on Sunday. (Thanks for all of the G.S.goodies, Neil and Laura, Grandma & Grandpa! We've gone through the holidays on a chocolate high! ; )

I've thought long and hard about the B90 program but I've read through completely through the Bible about 6 times, twice in less than a month. B90 takes about 1 hour a day. So instead...I'm going to make a schedule by the quarter, like the prophets in one quarter, the gospels in another, etc.

I'm meeting with a friend once a week. She went through the MFT program with me and is funny and wise and totally honest. We are getting together to talk and pray together. It actually works with my schedule, without leaving the kids hanging; mmiraculous.
Hebraic Fellowship- we are also meeting once a week to worship, study and fellowship. About 3 hours, food and a lot of prayer, laughter and intense study is involved.
TC and co-op.

House Re-build
Viking Man is currently re-building the door frames for the 2nd floor doors (9- we stripped, stained and poly'd them). Next is measuring and cutting the wood trim for the 12' kick boards, the 5" window, door and closet trim and affixing it all. Did I mention that dh had saved all of the trim we pulled from the 2nd floor and stored it in the barn? It's aired out reasonably well so next up is stripping, staining/painting and poly'ing it. We painted the trim to the downstairs basement bathroom white. I like the natural wood better so we might just go with a stain vs. paint. Once the trim is up in the basement, it is finished (though that might not be till next summer). We have a ton of mudding to do in the attic, and 3 sets of stairs to figure out (I have a whole board on "stairs" on pinterest. If you see anything of note, lmk!

I'm still suffering a Christmas hang-over and am so not ready for this semester. Nevertheless, we're forging ahead. I'm posting what we're using by kid/grade on my side-bar. Check it out ; )...though it might take a couple of days to get it posted!)

Planning began a week ago (seed catalogs- yea!). We've expanded the garden and are going to try a whole bed of squash, using black plastic. We also put in garlic (true confessions, this week- it's so unseasonably warm, and I couldn't get to it this fall!). I'm hoping that the berry bushes we planted last year made it, and we put in more grapes. It seemed excessive at the time, and we did can over 75 quarts of grape juice and my epic 2 gallons of wine. Anyway, it's almost gone, so whatever we grow, we'll consume. I met a new friend who is totally into square foot/organic gardening and we have plans to get together to talk organic green stuff.

I've decided to pick 12 for the year (which might include re-build stuff). I have a few in mind, but want to get an organized file going. I'm assuming it will end up like my book list- start with a list and morph- adding and subtracting as I go.

Word for the Year
Occupo- Latin for "to seize" or "to occupy." It's clearly what we're doing to the house and the property and what the kids do as they school. It's kinda what I'm feeling the need to do in my own head. It's been so full of concern and grief and stuff ....time to move on to something else.

How 'bout you? What are your plans for 2012?


Janet Rose said...

Wow, you have mulled over 2011 and 2012 very effectively! Love your plans for the year and I wish you the best on all of them!

Hen Jen said...

I like to "mull" too, I think. Unfortunately, I don't often move beyond that stage... :]

your 2012 looks very full and blessed. I have never picked a word for the year, I do terrible with resolutions and I didn't think I'd do well with it- and I didn't think I could pick just one, either. (I fail at wordless wednesday, too!) But, the last day of our Bible conference, one just fell into my lap, so I'm going to run with it. I'm gonna post about it, just need to get my thoughts in order.

much grace and peace to you this week! <3

Robin McCormack said...

There are a few things I need to mull over as well. Check out ROW80 - link is in my sidebar. Lots of other writers talking about their goals as well. :)

LaughingLioness said...

Robin- I was over at your site, gleaning tons of info about the ROW80 just today. Great stuff. I need to nail down doable goals. I loved reading about your plans-- you inspire me!!
Janet and Jen- blessings to you both! Hope you blog about the bible study stuff, Jen!!