Monday, October 4, 2010

Zoo Pics

Our planned trip to the Henry Doorly zoo did not start off on the right foot. A flat tire delayed our leaving by several hours, causing us to miss dinner (again) with our friends and the hotel that we stayed at did not have the advertised pool (argh!). Depsite all of that the day at the zoo was a blast. The aquarium and the jungle were our personal favorites in a zoo chock full of great exhibits and attractions. The aquarium reminded me of the Monteray Bay Aquarium- one of our fav places in CA! The weather was perfect and the crowds were minimal.  We saw a ton of animals and even managed to fit in dinner with our friends on Saturday evening! Good friends and good food. A perfect ending to a fantastic field trip! 

Fish faces.

Taking on the jellies. You've got some serious thrill issues, Dude! Awesome.


Anonymous said...

We never tire of the zoo. There are so many great things to see each time you go. Great pics!

"Say What?" said...

Your pics make me homesick for Henry Doorly Zoo. Did you know they have monthly homeschool classes? It's a very homeschool-friendly place! We LIVED at that zoo over the past three years. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Deanna said...

I really like the jellyfish picture.
It looks like you all had great family day.