Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love in Action

Cub excavating a "bones." Archaeological find
from the Prehistoric Indian Village.

Cub and Bug

We have had a crazy week. Cub did some excavating. Business as usual on Monday- math, reading, writing, science. Tutoring Center on Tuesday had Cub doing a grasshopper dissection which was cool and gross all at the same time. We found the SOTW CD's ( Yippee!) and that's pretty much what Cub and Flower did the rest of the week cause Tuesday evening (late) Miss R. and 3 Boyce Men arrived by minivan to work on the house. Business of the week was floors and doors. The guys sanded the floors on the 2nd floor for 3 days straight as well as did their fair share on the doors. KB, Miss. R, Feche and I stripped and sanded 80+ year old varnish off the 2nd floor doors and frames (which we took apart) while Viking Man superivised and built a false wall/dust catcher at the base of the stairs so that we can catch the dust from sanding the floors and stair case.

Wild Man Tim. Floor Sander Extraordinaire!

 Our Dream Team. Tim, Miss R., Dan-e-El and  Chris Jason Bourne.
 The whole gang. Everybody worked HARD.

Some of my beautiful people.
 Fun was included & consisted of LOTS of LAUGHS, theological debate, nightly campfires (the guys brought a tent and camped out), eating together and a romp about the hills. The notsolittles acted as support staff and set, cleared and wiped down tables, put away food, and were the runners. The weather was purrfect; warm and dry. And, bonus, we got to see Miss. R's beautiful face yet again within a matter of weeks.
This past week was love in action. 4 college students, spending their own money to travel 14+ hours one way, to work on someone else's house for their fall break. We were blessed beyond measure. Lessons weighed, not so much on academics, but heavily on diligence and generosity of spirit.


Courtney said...

Sounds like a great week! Love Cub's face in the dissection picture. I have a similar picture of my 7 year-old dissecting a starfish. :)

Moonbeam said...

I am just smiling for you and your family. The love that your daughter and her friends have given is a clear reflection of love received. You are blessed indeed.

LaughingLioness said...

Aww, Moonbeam. Thank-you = ).
Courtney- a funny combo of awe and awful!!

Deanna said...

How inspiring! What a lovely expression of love,friendship and family.

Mrs. Brooke said...

What a great way to spend a week...good clean work and lots of family. Perfect!

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. Really. It's given me a little bit of peace, which is hard to come by right now! :)

servingHimblind said...

Kewlness :-)

Tina said...

This is what happens when you raise up beautiful people..they bring beautiful people home :)