Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work Week

3 days of family here to work. Which we did. Worked and ate and compared sore and tired muscles. KB taking a break from hauling shed sides to the fire. Between going to work and helping us work, she also managed to fit in planning a 2-week campaigning trip to GA for a friend of ours. She'll be flying the friendly skies in a couple of weeks to brave the humidity of the south.
By the end of the 3rd day the littles were begging for a break. The Bananas relaxed by creating mud-pies.

Grandpa planted grass seed along our new walk. The 4 littles hauled boatloads of dirt to fill in the sides and then removed boatloads of rocks from it.

Tired and dirty from a day of window staining, wall sealing, shed destruction and burning. My nails may never be the same again. From here, Miss R goes to work at a summer camp. As usual her, "What I did on my Summer Vacation" paper will include many diverse tasks!

Sealed the porch top to bottom (well, almost- the floor isn't done).

Hauling yet more rock. The base of the shed was reinforced with rock. Miss R was the official rock hauler.

Burning the shed.

Excavating the shed area. Boards, nails, tools, rocks, more metal and nails, nails, nails.

Taking a break from dirt hauling and rock sorting.

What a scaffolding is good for!

A room full of "N" men. Power tools and a project. Lots of whistling going on!
Sheet rocking the basement ceiling.

Masking off wood for more plaster sealing.

The shed is down (see the rubble to the left of the shed still standing).

21 windows stained. Between the stain, the sealer and the paint remover some of us were feeling a bit woozy throughout.

Lots done. More to go.

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Redradtech said...

Oh my gosh, what a job!!!