Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitchen Miracle

Feche-boy looks up at the remains of the kitchen just 4 short months ago.
Today it looked like this:

The front cupboards will host a peninsula. It sits where a wall dividing the 5-sided dining room and the kitchen used to be. Gone is the built in, but it was too water damaged to save. Better than before: the entire first floor is one huge "U" shape- wide open with lots of natural sunlight.
See the built in bookshelf at the end of the pennisula? Woohoo. Windows are in the process of being replaced. The cupboards are stained fruit wood, the window sashes and floorboards are mocha.
View of where the refrigerator will sit. The opening to the left is the door going down to the (soon to be finished) basement.


jonnia said...

This is exciting to see!!!

Redradtech said...

It won't be long and you can go home. What a blessing after such a trial!!!