Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Saturday and Monday KB, Feche Boy and I taped and mudded. First the attic then the 2nd floor, then the basement. Still have some ceiling in the basement to do- ugh. And the pro that did the first floor makes us look like the amateurs that we truly are. He did come down and give us some pointers, and kudos to him, didn't lol at our work. Still, it's mostly done and we have the sore shoulder muscles to prove it.

Read an awesome book this week, "Living a Year of Kaddish." I found this as I was compiling a list of "living a year" memoirs, of which there are many. It puts meat and bones on Chaim Potok's writing. Goldman grew up in the cottages Potok writes about, knows the rabbi's that Potok alludes to. Kaddish is the Jewish mourning prayers said morning, noon and night for one's parents, siblings or children for an entire year after their demise. A beautifully written memoir. (review to follow)


Miss. R left 2 seasons of "StartGate Atlantis" for us to watch this summer at the behest of Feche Boy. KB refuses to watch and we won't let the notsolittles so it's become FB's and my thang to do together. The acting is cheesy, character development still in the development stages, the plot generally predictable. It's good, cheap summer time entertainment. I am mesmerized by the Wraith. They are creepy on a primal level (which I'm sure is the point) and make a great metaphor for Satan. They are, after all, a life-sucking force that feed off of humans, draining away the very days of their victims. Isn't that the quest of the Enemy of our Souls? To drain us of purpose, days, life, and ultimately destroy us, physically and spiritually? I think if more of the church got ahold of that, not on a "living cause I'm terrified" level, but more on a "so this is the reality" level, there would be a greater sense of urgency about all that we do.

Bought a van to replace the one the transmission fell out of early November. Runs well. Is super clean and, surprisingly, in our price range (no thanks to Cash 4 Clunkers). Our good friend, Used Car Salesman, Honest Mark, called us asap, cause he said vans in this price range sell within a day- geez louise! We are hoping to, once again, put Old Faithful, our 92 GMC Suburban, with over 350,000 miles on it, back out to pasture and quite using it as daily transport. Old Faithful still runs well but is a gas hog.
Went to a salon with the girls. A good hair stylist is worth, well, I'm not sure just what. But to find one that is a a pro, easy to chat with, and fun- YES!! May you all be blessed with such a person in your life. Flower kept wandering between KB and I who were alternatively reading mags or getting our hair done. She has this cute little "wave" that she gives people, along with a smile and a "Hi." She kept coming back to my chair saying, "Why does everyone think I'm adorable?" Cause, cutie- you are!

The notsolittles are in heaven. We purchased a pass to the neighborhood pool, which is uber cool and within walking distance. They are loving, loving, loving it.

Made summer's first batch of pesto from our potted basil plant. Delish on sandwiches with fresh tomato, a long cold glass of iced tea and a comfortable porch chair. Here's a simple recipe so you can enjoy one of summer's simple pleasures:

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rednanasteph's place said...

I can't believe you still have that Suburban!!! What a hoot. I finally gave mine up several years ago as it was a gas hog and went ot a Honda CRV. Not big enough really, but pracitcal.